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Towards the end of last year I found out about KuCoin from one of Kucoin's many promotions. Like many other exchanges you'd hear from their promotional videos or read their promotional articles or posts claiming to give you unbelievably incredible prices for completing simple tasks until you actually sign up then it's a long story of complicated follow ups. With KuCoin it was different, KuCoin had this futures brawl where you get $1-10 in red envelopes for referrals but before that they would give you a solar to get the feel of the futures brawl. Futures brawl was the best type of trading thriller I've ever experienced. The rush is so real, and this is exactly what they anticipated so the notification pops up, notifying you that you can get more money to brawl with from referrals. The best thing about this is that you can withdraw that money right away if you'd like to do so.


Being an Asian exchange they believe in incentives very much. Almost every other month there will be a big contest on KuCoin where you win serious dollars from your trading but one thing they make sure of is that you need to be registered, pass the simple KYC, phone and email. Activate futures trading, margin trading and some contests on KuCoin will require you to have something in their X-Pool where you can earn POL token (pool of stake token) 


In addition to trading indices and futures there is lending and borrowing available plus they got good rates on the exchange. 

Check it out.

Bless up!

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