Introducing Cryptonites

Swissborg Updates + More From eToro Referral Program

Introducing Cryptonites

Not so long ago I made a post about Swissborg and their 500 000 goal. It's still on but with certain updates, they have hero Thursdays or so I call it. It's cryptonites Thursdays officially, where you get expert interviews every Thursdays in the news tab plus they got a YouTube podcast now called SMART YIELD AMA with Alex and Cyrus, more goodies.


 Use my referral code for added value QPEPZNQ You insert this code in the top left corner profile detail option you'll get the referral code insert option there. When you enter this code you'll get 3000 points. This is after you've signed up and done your KYC for the wealth app ( if you want to, you can solely use the Swissborg community app with no KYC). The trick here is to get into the top 20000 on that Swiss leaderboard and keep moving up, because that's where the reward start counting. 

Swissborg referral

As you keep on playing, loyalty is recognised and rewarded with different badges to acknowledge your efforts. The goal is the hall of fame, the prestigious!

Got my psychic badge, don't need approval

May the odds be in your favour.

eToro has had this $50 referral bonus for a long time now. I personally didn't explorethis one, due to something that just had me ignore eToro after I developed something against copy trading. Now in a different view I made peace with my shortcomings and I'm happy to share this with you as I now get it that when I deny myself growth in some way it means that the next guy won't get that growth off of me as suppose to be. Here's the code to get you $50 bonus to boost your trades, stakes, investments.


Get lit. 

Thank you!


Supreme love and light

Bless up!

Join my crypto craze...



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