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Stress Induced Resilience

Stress Induced Resilience

Change makes us stronger than we would be otherwise, with added stress comes resilience that once adapted will become like second skin. An undefeated state of mind is created under tremendous pressure, during stressful moments. This came to me like a revelation reflecting on a situation I had been going through at the time. It was an animal show on NatGeo wild, stress induced resilience was portrayed and the wording was "Stress induced resilience arise from cycles of illusions created to deprrive one of freedom in some way while creating just enough resources to keep alive. Its takes a tough mind to be in such a position and still thrive to work out the difference pointed out by the help.

It is one of the reasons most high profiles are somewhat arrogant or something in that line. They are not trying to be hard or bad, they just have little to no time for anything/anyone out of their schedule and that they have gone through so much that they think everyone is out to get them in one way or another. The primary impression is avoidance. These kind of people have the ability to do extremely well under pressure in terms of remaining in their power, healing, with more healing they become less arrogant or what have you. This trait makes a person extremely bitter or extremely better than before it all depends on the sincere direction of they acceptance they put into it.

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