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Honey gain ($5 sign up bonus) - Passive income generating app

This an app that utilizes users excess data in exchange for earnings that come in from the users excess bandwidth, the minimum withdrawal is $20 and the payouts are proven but the issue with honeygain is the speed to payout which normally takes over 2 months to get from the initial $5 to $20 thats enough for withdrawal. On top of the time it takes, the honeygain refferals are 10% of the daily earnings of the reffered, which is not very much, but given that the app runs on the background keeps it out of mind and goes by unnoticed. On the PC its pretty much the same that it runs on the background using the excess data that you never get to use. The app is easy to use and does not require too much from new users except for the email confirmation. When inn doubt, Honeygain has one of the most efficient customer support that's both fast and reliable.





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