Bullish Love Keep Bullish! Never Go Short | My Most Recent Experience With Bitcoin Bulls And Bears

This time last year the bitcoin price was on the 8000 tip, I had stumbled on trade8's $30 bitcoin bonus for trading, with its funny conditions but it was tradeble. Much like XMs popular 30$ bonus which I must say is the realest bonus I've observed around, if you feel conflicted about that then post your better bonus link below. I bought the bitcoin at 8000 and completely forgot about it. Next time I checked on it was by a search in my mailbox that reminded me to check up on it, this was now a few months ago in June/July. What had happened was that the bitcoin price had gone up so well that it made me enough profits to withdraw or reinvest after meeting trade8's conditions, but I wasn't available to take profit at the time. Turns out $30 worth of bitcoin is pretty solid to hold the position, because around February/March earlier this year the bitcoin price went plunging down to around $3200 due to war threats and the outbreak.

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 All the while my $30 worth of bitcoin is still holding, I'll bet on a bad red. I do not regret per say but that was a dip to buy, and I'm sure it made a lot of millionaires out of y'all, bless up on that! The market has this magic rhythm that it corrects itself plus the fact that it's people's emotions being traded. The market later went surging to past my buying price of $8000, I found it flactuating at around $10 000,  being the impulsive human I am I took profit which was over 125% profits. Trade8 somewhat had more conditions on the withdrawal that I ended up reinvesting and swing traded it until about $13000 from where it went plunging again down past $10000 now imagine the frustration, but not this guy, I get frustrated with profits not loses. 

Author's own screenshot1Because I had a TP in mind, I set several TPs above $13 000 because by then I had a few trades live, set the TP and forget about it. why no stop loss? I believe in that last kiss plus bitcoin is pretty flexible unlike centralised currencies, that's the reason for the bitcoin love fever - volatile flexibility.

The price went dancing through my TPs and got me the greens. I still wasn't wasn't paying attention, all the signs are bullish, even the bitcoin $20K hit was around this time so I'd do well to reinvest in the bulls. No.... I remembered some time back one of my gurus advising that when you want to go in for a buy, rather sell cos that's what everyone is doing, forgeting that this is bitcoin, decentralised not centralised currencies - I sold that was a few days ago now the bitcoin is chilling at +$ 15 400, why am I not stressing the most pathetic move? It's bitcoin, super flexible. For all we know it will bounce back before going for the 20K. In the meantime I'm disconnected from that trade while playing Ethereum. Although my reds are nothing compared to tens of thousands of traders out there who sold tens of thousands but a lesson is a lesson plus they'll never share those losses so this is my generosity.

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