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Cryptocurrencies games are also grabbing attentions in the Cryptoworld, the gamers world and beyond. These cryptocurrencies games are just a fraction of the blockchains all around us. I have come across two very interesting games, although I would like to explore more games I am a bit tired of downloading the games that should make some crypto and end up making none.  For now I have upland and merge Dragons on my radar.

Upland, is a virtual properties trading game in which players have the chance to sell their virtual properties for actual cash, even if they don't there is a lot of crypto gains in the game itself. In the beginning stage there is about a month trial as a newbie visitor on visa for a week at a time. The more you find out as you play on but some important piece of advice is try to either buy 3 properties on the same street first of all, then you won't only be a newbie but the king of the street too. What this does is make it easier for you to get over the beginner level. Here's the sign up link

If you use this link, Upland will award you with a bonus for your first purchase

Merge Dragons
This one's end goal is to get payed in Ethereum from the souls collected in the game but it's very much passive, the hood thing about it is that it runs in the background collecting points that you can later use to turn into Ethereum little by little, this game will make you rich.
Payouts are almost instantaneously except that the charge is the 1000 bonus you get at sign up. It might take a few weeks to get to the fist proper payout of let's say $10, from there it's smooth sailing. 
There is another one similar to merge dragons, it's merge kittens. Try them. They are available for both iOS and Android.



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