The Thin Line Between Influence and Manipulation

Amid every new generation that is markedly speed-up and insistent on placing others side down, the availability to command others is of great value. Taking place either with the work group, relationships or at broader level of community, one might achieve and fulfill themselves by being able to persuade others to see things from their perspective. Nevertheless, that invisible line between moral argument and manipulation may be thin where if you lack being discerning enough it may be causing harm for other people hence the importance of understanding the two for ethical purposes.c7db7d7ff4f72ee3e26ca51864714079e231d2895bb29aad3e234e8b6a4840b3.jpg

What is Ethical Persuasion?

The process of ethical persuasion is the persuasion of a person to do this or that thing rationally and in an ethical manners. It means to provide the facts, evidence and arguments that are said to be very respectful and really honest and eventually, the intention of these will be providing the other person with needed information for an informed decision. Ethics is about taking into account the benefits for both parties of an interaction. Ethical relations are based on mutual respect and trust

On the positive side, manipulation is a type of deception that is used, along with all kinds of underhanded ways, to indirectly affect someone's mind and action. Many times, it deals with ruthlessly exposing the weaknesses and vulnerabilities of other persons in order to gratify one self. This ends up happening without considering the welfare of the people. It can be an easy and filthy trick that is difficult to identify, which makes it a possible weapon to wrong hands.


Real-Life Examples of Manipulation

Manipulation can be in different forms and most of them can take place in different situations. In personal relationships, it can be experienced as emotional blackmail, intellectual assault, or psychological manipulation, not only sending the person into a shattering existence but also lending them to self-doubt. Through controlling activities in the workplace and applying such techniques as withholding details and creating a scary environment the micro-management might appear. In culture, mass media, advertising and politics are the right areas, where people or groups do as much as possible through persuasive tricks to exert their influence on the mass opinion or themselves.

Propaganda, among all known manipulatory means, can be taken as an example during the World War II. By means of the propaganda, the Nazi leader Adolf Hitler financed the Germans for supporting the dictatorship with his extreme ideology and ideas that were seditious to humanity. This puts in the face of view the precariousness of operations such as manipulation and also the fact that one should be able to discern these and consequently not succumb to them.


Four Basic Types of Manipulation, and the Effects They Can Have

The point of departure in finding manipulation is to stand in place, I mean the higher level of awareness of one's vulnerable points is required and triggers. The manipulators are specialist on the exploitation of our insecurities and exaggeration of our fears. So, it is always good to be cautious while interacting with the people. If we experience an alarm signal that something is wrong , or the proposition is extremely good , a step back and assessment the situation objectively also is a brilliant move.

Apart from that, one can easily identify the distortion through the techniques and vocabulary of the speaker. Manipulators center themselves to manipulate all these strategies, like praise, guilt, or fear. They probably will also attempt emotionally cut you off from your friends or just confuse your thinking and feelings. Realising them it is possible to do more to avoid these strategies that are aimed at manipulation via example with the assistance.

Coming against the manipulations calls for the setting of restrictions and maintaining to them. Do not hesitate and put your message across by being assertive and specific in what you say. For example, if you feel someone is just trying to manipulate you, you shouldn't be frightened and keep your grounds. Additionally, you may find it helpful to confide in people with whom you feel safe such as close friends or family members. This can help you get a different point of view and a variety of guidance.



The line is thin but exist where judgment and manipulation both stand on the same front. Therefore, it is essential to know the differences between them. The ethical way of relationship persuasion can bring intended results; however, being manipulative can cause different damages to both the manipulator and the one who is manipulated. When we know the borders between authenticity and influence and probably, we have skills/strategies to recognize the and resist the imposition of the manipulating tactics, we can stand our ground and preserve ourselves from danger.


1.Is it correct that the action of trying to influence one’s actions and thinking is never wrong?

Yes, most of the time ethical versus unethical is not so black and white. Persuasion based on ethics is a very important part of communication, with a positive outcome.

2.What remain the signals that can inform me that other person is planning to exploit my trust?

Notice what methods and language they use and take an immediate action you are likely necessary. If there is a suspicion of something wrong, you should withdraw and consider the facts.

3.Can manipulation be unintentional?

Manipulation also can happen by the process of manipulation itself can take place even unintentionally. On the other hand, one must keep in mind that it is essential to take into account their own consequences and their impact on other people.

4.Is resistance to manipulation a thing to be wanted and done if it means the relationship breaking down?

On the contrary, with the help of the clarification of boundaries and the ability to act purposefully, you can stay out of the manipulation at the same time and keep the relationship healthy.

5.What can we do to create a less prone to domination society?

Through training critical thinking ability and building an individual's comprehension and compassion, we can, in this case, create a society that 's not easily led to be influenced by manipulations.

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