The Two CPU Coins I mine

By Casper0_0 | The Tea Guy | 3 Jun 2021

Today I had yummy cup of Chrysanthemum and Goji Berry tea. This pair is great for a bit of de-stressing and keeping your eyes from getting dried out after hours in front of the computer (Zoom life self-care!).


I love the ability to participate in blockchain tech from the comfort of my own home, even when I’m not home! I was so excited about learning about cryptocurrencies that I bought a used desktop that I could dedicate as my mining rig. However, when I arrived home and excitedly plugged in the new-to-me tower and monitor, I quickly discovered that my dreams of mining a small daily income from this discount computer were all for naught. Nonetheless, I trudged through the interwebs, trying various different mining algorithms and coins until I finally arrived at a pair of coins that I feel good about mining (and that my lil CPU can handle)


With no further ado, here are the two coin CPU coins I am currently mining.

The first one is the itty bitty Turtle Coin ($TRTL, TurtleCoin). With a whopping current value of $.00015 and a market cap of $15,443,027, it is currently making waves dooods. I’ll be honest, the only reason I am mining this coin is because it is the only coin that my CPU can generate enough hashing power to actually get a payout before next year. My hope is that it is a sleeping giant and the paltry sum my CPU can produce for me will catapult me into financial freedom. Until then, I really appreciate the developers for making a low-end CPU friendly coin for us little guys!


The second coin I mine is Banano! Its current value is $.027 with a market cap of $34,411,203. The big draw for me to this coin is the fact that its mineris actually a medical research protein-folding program! Really cool to earn some alt coins while helping out the medical community by committing processing power to solving problems for diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Covid-19!


If anyone has another CPU coin that they like to mine leave a comment! I’m still exploring the alt coin space and its fun to discover the projects that my computer can handle.

Hope all are well out there

Tea Guy

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