The girl from the darkness

The Girl in my Dream(Horror Part-1)

By heingyi | The Story Belong to Horror | 29 Sep 2020

         That was true two years ago when I was in tenth grade.One night I had a dream. I was very excited. I came back from the night guide at ten o'clock because I was in the 10th grade. The guide tution is not far from home . Come back on foot.

         One night, in a dream, I was standing on a street in our neighborhood. Not far from me was a girl in a white dress (she was so beautiful) that her hair was up to her waist and the wind was blowing so hard that even Pa Pa Wa Dee lost. The girl was coming towards me. I heard my beating to my ear. When the girl approached me, she began to talk, "I'm tired of waiting for you so long." How many times have I just seen her and she is waiting?She took my hand and walked away, repeating, "But I'm going to wait. You're just coming. 'As she walked, she stopped at a large tree. She looked at me intently and said, "I'm just waiting here."
          "Hey, get up." My mother woke me up. Then it was my dream. The pain didn't go away for a week. I want to see her again.I often do not remember my dreams before. I will never forget this dream. Every time I came across this big tree, I felt sad and sad.
          In the next part, I will write about meeting her again in the outside world.

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The Story Belong to Horror
The Story Belong to Horror

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