University and Crypto?

University and Crypto?

     Being in university, I don't have much money. This means that I have to be very smart about what I do with the little bit that I do have. So what do I do with it?

     My sources of income are limited. I am in the Army National Guard, so I drill once a month and get paid for it. I also receive some money in veterans benefits for being in school. After paying rent, I'm not left with much. I keep a certain amount for spending money, then I take the rest and I invest it. I believe that you can't "save your way to being rich." I always want my money working for me. Some of the money goes into the stock market (i.e. Robinhood), the rest goes into crypto. But the thing is that most of the crypto I have is earning interest for me. I have coins staking and coins earning actual interest. I also use Publish0x and Brave Browser to add a tiny bit of crypto to my cryptocurrency savings (you guys help me more than you think).

     It's not much now, but over time it has the potential to grow exponentially (not including price increases of the coins themselves). My overall investment goal is to eventually be financially secure thanks to my investments (whether it be crypto price appreciation in the stock market). The passive income aspect of crypto has always been fascinating to me. If I could servive off passive income alone, that is the dream I have ( I mean who doesn't want to make money for doing nothing?). Right now, I'm only making a few cents a day, I really hope to eventually see dollars a day instead. 

     Ah, the college kid dream. I'm a firm believer that we have to make our dreams happen. That nothing will happen on it's own, so I'm working towards my dream to someday make it a reality. And you guys will be right there with me for the journey :)

To all my followers and just viewers, I appreciate all of you and I'm so glad to be a part of the cryptocurrency community as a whole. It's truly life changing <3

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My Journey Through Cryptocurrency
My Journey Through Cryptocurrency

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