The Beginning of My Cryptocurrency Journey

Welcome everyone to my first ever blog! I have become obsessed with cryptocurrency since I discovered it. This post will tell you about my first encounter with the amazing digital currency.

Where it all began

     I had just downloaded the stock brokerage app Robinhood last August. I was scrolling through the available stocks to purchase when i saw a tab that said "cryptocurrency." Out of curiosity, I clicked on it, and I was presented with several currencies. I had no idea what these were. I had heard of Bitcoin before because many years ago people would make memes and jokes about it being a joke; however, looking at the price of it (about $8000 at the time), I knew it wasn't a joke. At about that time, my friend said he was buying some Ethereum. I decided to do some further research on the subject before i invested my money into something i knew nothing about. 

     During this research, I learned about mining, blockchain technology, smart contracts, everything. At this point, I'm obsessed. I can't stop reading about it! Mining was the most interesting part to me. I thought it was so amazing that these people all over the world could use their personal computers to verify real transactions. The decentralization aspect was and still is extremely attractive to me. 

     Anyways, after my extensive research, I decided to buy some Ethereum and some Bitcoin. I proceeded to HODL my coins for a couple months before i decided to sell them on Robinhood and download Coinbase. I didn't like that with Robinhood you don't actually own your coins. I wanted to be able to actually send and receive coins. 

     Fast forward one whole year and I'm storing my coins in a crypto savings account on Nexo and actively participating in staking Tezos and Tron. I'm also in the process of building my own GPU mining rig to become a part of the decentralization of Ethereum, Beam, and Ravencoin. I just can't get enough of this beautiful feat of technology.


Thanks for reading! 

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Just an avid crypto enthusiast sharing my thoughts and experiences in the realm of cryptocurrency.

My Journey Through Cryptocurrency
My Journey Through Cryptocurrency

My first blog! I hope you all enjoy my content. :)

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