Why PYNK Needs Your Wisdom.

By De Gem | The Son of Crowdholding | 25 Nov 2019

Hello readers, I'm getting straight to the point on this one. Today, the son of Crowdholding presents to you: PYNK. PYNK is the first startup to coin the term "Wisdom of the Crowd (WoC)" owing to its system of operation. PYNK is an investment platform powered by the people or the crowd (or simply you). It's the first of its kind and aims to be financially inclusive regardless of race or wealth.

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PYNK works with Rose. Yea, Rose isn't the stunning female blockchain expert you just imagined. Rose is PYNK's proprietary A.I that works with your wisdom (I mean the Wisdom of the Crowd) and combines that with PYNK's in-house expert analysis to help make short and long-term investment decisions that aim to deliver safe returns besting that of the market.

I am a Pynkster. Yes, I am part of the PYNK platform (and yes, I'm also the son of Crowdholding) and I make predictions so that's what I'm called. Sounds cool right? If you joined PYNK today, not much will be required of you. You will be asked to make daily and weekly price predictions. So far, all my predictions have been on Bitcoin and Litecoin. Gold prediction was introduced a couple of weeks ago and NASDAQ has also been introduced as at the time of writing.


Pynk rewards its users with Crowd Points (CP) and Wisdom Points (WP). To ensure your regular participation, signing in every day earns you 300 Crowd Points (CPs) which describes the teamwork between Pynksters. In contrast, not signing in earns you a deduction of... Well, I won't say it. You can sign up to find out. The rewards don't end there. Crowd members who contribute their time and data and collect Wisdom Points can later exchange their WPs for a share of PYNK profits. I have even been tipped 5 USDC by PYNK for a task I participated in on Crowdholding once. Also, traditional retail investors who are cash-rich receive PYNK Security Tokens for their monies invested.

Aside these, you will have access to the PYNK Academy which aims to educate PYNKsters the world over with the true reality of financial investing today. Surprised? Please don't be. Crowdholding has hosted a couple of PYNK projects on its platform. You can take a look here: PYNK Projects.


I'll also like to add that the PYNK platform is so easy to use. Why not find out here: beta.pynk.io And don't forget to leave a tip if you like this... erm... article or letter?


Son of Crowdholding.


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