Why Crowdholding is the BestDApp

By De Gem | The Son of Crowdholding | 13 Dec 2019

I have written about Crowdholding on PublishOx before and to be exact, it was the first post of my blog: the Son of Crowdholding. Currently, I use a lot of DApps but I think Crowdholding stands out among them all. I'll have to explain what Crowdholding is and does, for the sake of any new reader who chances upon this article. After that, you'll know why it's the bestDApp.

Crowdholding is a DApp that enables business owners, companies and projects to validate their products by crowdsourcing opinions of the public through bounties. In other words, Crowdholding is the bridge between a company's product and the public. If there is a disconnection between companies and the public such that an audience cannot be built for/around their product, the company will collapse. Crowdholding IS THAT CONNECTION!


For being a member, you are rewarded with the yuppie (YUP) together with the native token of any company or project that publishes a task on the platform when you contribute to any task. I can arguably say Crowdholding is the bestDApp because the best decentralised apps host their tasks on the platform. If the best DApps see you as their connection to the public what are you then if not the BEST among the best?

Since its inception, Crowdholding has rewarded its members with millions of YUP and also given its company/business clients the maximum and necessary feedback concerning their products. Actually for businesses and even individuals, posting a task concerning your product or project is very affordable as you can post a task for as low as 5000 YUP. This isn't even up to a cent! You are allowed a maximum of six tasks without subscription after which you'd have to subscribe to post more tasks.


Below is a list of some of the finest DApps and projects that have used Crowdholding to connect to the public. You definitely know some of them.

* Brave: This basic attention token browser currently has over 10 million users and has posted 12 tasks on Crowdholding. As an extra, it further rewards Crowdholders with BAT tokens. 



* Aeternity: This top 100 Coinmarketcap blockchain project has even partnered with Crowdholding aside posting tasks and rewarding Crowdholders with several AE tokens.



* Cryptotask: This decentralized freelance platform has posted about 12 tasks with 200,000 YUP in rewards. In fact, Crowdholders have helped in shaping the development of the Cryptotask platform from day one. It's launching officially this December and as a Crowdholder, you get to be one of the first people to be informed and to also use the platform.



* PYNK: A DApp for prediction on cryptocurrencies using "wisdom of the crowd". It also rewards Crowdholders who predict better with USDC.



* Adshares: It is also quite prominent on CMC and aims to transform the advertising ecosystem. It has rewarded Crowdholders with over 4000 ADST.


* Yanda: A DApp for automatic cryptocurrency trading. 



* CannaCor 


* Galaxia 



* Saiterm 


* DadShed 


* Liberland 


* Aavio 


* Imprompt.Me Conference 



These are just to name a few. They number into the hundreds and you can check for yourself over here. The amazing thing is you get to be a part of all these projects. Now after doing so don't tell me Crowdholding isn't the bestDApp. Do you get what you're missing now?

But wait. Wait. I know I have glorified Crowdholding enough as if it's without any blemish. Even circles aren't perfect so let's take a look at some of its negatives

-- The value of its YUP has plummetted since the bitcoin crash of 2018. Currently, YUP earned into the thousands might not really be worth much. As at the time of writing, it's price was around $0.000202 on Coinmarketcap. But remember cryptocurrency is volatile, you don't know when the alt season will kick in so just grab some while you can.

-- The YUP is listed on only one exchange at the moment: IDEX. This is a big disadvantage because a lot of crypto savvy people trade on major exchanges such as Binance, HitBTC, TradeOgre, Kucoin, etc.

-- Withdrawal of all earned cryptocurrencies can only be done through Metamask, Myetherwallet or any ERC20-based wallet only. You cannot withdraw tokens individually. For example, if you earn some BAT and USDC and want to withdraw the USDC only, you can't. Withdrawal affects all the other coins you earn. It looks like this.


For Metamask wallet owners like me though, this isn't a problem. Once all my funds have been withdrawn, I can send funds individually from Metamask if I want to.

-- Currently, it's in beta mode and after posting your contribution/opinion, you can't edit it. This can pose problems when you type the wrong thing and mistakenly post without returning to repost another correct one.

I should add that all the negatives aside, their support system is very good and you can channel any challenges you face on the platform directly to the CEO, Ethan in their telegram group. He's very active there all day and quite quick with his responses. Now is this not the bestDApp?


Son of Crowdholding.


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The Son of Crowdholding
The Son of Crowdholding

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