Mortal Kombat of the Crypto World - KittieFIGHT

Mortal Kombat of the Crypto World - KittieFIGHT

By De Gem | The Son of Crowdholding | 9 Mar 2020

The son of Crowdholding is back! This time I bring along a game you'll very much like to participate in. It's the first of its kind in the crypto space and of course it rewards its biggest winners. It also rewards its losers... well, by sending them to hell. Crypto hell if you'd like to call if that way, but losers sure are penalized. It makes the game very competitive. No wonder it's been called the Mortal Kombat of the crypto world. And oh I forgot to introduce it. It's called KittieFIGHT and the creatures that compete against each other are called CryptoKitties.


It's centered around collectible and breedable kitten-like fighting creatures. Each cryptokitty you buy (yes you buy them!) is owned by you (of course!) and cannot be replicated, taken away or destroyed. You can buy and sell your kitten-like fighters in the CryptoKitty community, create collections and earn rewards and play games in the Kittie world (or Kittie verse as they call it).

Well, why else would you buy a Kittie if not to earn something in return? In KittieFight, there's an ETH and KTY token jackpot to be won after every game. Yes, EVERY GAME. This means you don't buy a cat in vain. In a fight, the crowd bets on two competing kitties to influence it. Basically, the results of the bets from each participant in the crowd causes the events of the fight.


With respect to playing games, you need a Chrome or Firefox browser and a digital wallet such as Trust, Metamask or Dapper.

KTY is the native token of the CryptoKitties platform. It is a fungible ERC-20 standard token with a fixed total of 100 million in existence. CryptoKitties has run a lot of test games and involved Crowdholders over the past few months. Participating teams have shared as much as 25000 KTY, the equivalent of 285 ETH. Why not head over and take a sneak peek here?

On 28th February 2020, KittieFight launched its ICO.


It has partnered with 2Key Network which provides the right incentives so that anyone can own the value of their networks. This way the referral program from KittieFight's ICO will generate a % from referred investors automating earnings instantly by being connected to your public key.

Why not head over and have a look here...

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