Crowdholding's Master of Cannabis: CannaCor

Crowdholding's Master of Cannabis: CannaCor

By De Gem | The Son of Crowdholding | 5 Dec 2019

For sure these guys are the masters of cannabis when it comes to the blockchain world. Now I get it. I know at the mention of the word "cannabis" you went bananas and started screaming in your head, "Don't they know it's illegal?!" "Hemp is not allowed here!" "Marijuana is dangerous, have these guys gone nuts or what?" No it's not illegal in every part of the world.

For the record, CannaCor (Pty) Ltd is an incorporated company under the Companies Act of 2011 in the Kingdom of Lesotho and is licensed as a prohibited drug operator. Unlike other blockchain-based projects with virtual cannabis, CannaCor has obtained 50,000m2 of land in Berea, Lesotho, of which 30,000m2 is permitted for greenhouse or indoor cultivation of Cannabis.


CannaCor's dedication to improving the cannabis industry as well as removing negative stereotypes surrounding cannabis cultivation is impressive. It plans to provide real time tracking of every quantity of the product produced and distributed worldwide as it intends to serve Canada, Europe and other global markets. Currently they have posted a host of tasks on Crowdholding seeking the opinions of the general public concerning cannabis adoption. You can partake in them here . Also, they are quite generous as they do post bounty tasks regularly on Crowdholding where you get to earn their official cryptocurrency, the CANO. I've earned a few hundreds of them.

As at the time of writing, CannaCor is holding their pre-ICO sale with each CANO selling at 50% off at a meagre $0.06. After the pre-ICO, the price is definitely going to increase. You can check the details or partake in the pre-ICO sale which ends on 31st January here.


With CannaCor set to commence with the development of an aquaponics production facility for medical cannabis which I even believe has already started, they are definitely the true masters of cannabis. Of course, I'll always choose a blockchain project with a physical asset backing it over an imaginary one any day. Who wouldn't?

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