Have you heard about MetaKings token?

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Have you heard about Meta Kings? It’s an AI-powered fighting universe in which anyone can earn rewards such as tokens and NFTs through competent gameplay and contributions to the ecosystem. Players have own characters which can engage in combat, develop itself and establish their own land-based kingdoms. There is more and more futures day by day. The game will be powered by its official token, the Metakings token ($MTK).



Here is the Timeline on Presale and IDO
PRESALE (ended)
Dec 8th, 2021 - Dec 23rd, 2021
Amount: 100,000,000 MTK
Presale unit Price: 0.00002BNB

IDO First Round (running)
Dec 23rd, 2021- Jan 22nd, 2022
Amount: 100,000,000 MTK
IDO unit Price: 0.00003BNB

IDO Second Round (not started)
Jan 22nd, 2022 - Feb 23rd, 2022
Amount: 100,000,000 MTK
IDO unit Price: 0.00004BNB

Today (01.01.22) at 16:11GMT 1 MTK is worth 1.40$
I am holding my tokens since it was 0.6$/MTK, it is raising everyday to the moon. The sky is not a limit. Waiting till 23rd of February.

How to be a part of the project?

All you need to do is get here.

It’s IDO time. Time to invest money for secure future. You can also take part and claim free airdrop of 20MTK.

23rd of February 2022

That’s date of unlocking tokens.It will be unlocked 50% by February and the remaining 50% will be unlocked two weeks from when the initial tokens was unlocked. There will be no lock on any token By then. and the Market price will be very Great and stable (might be More than x1000).


Of course you can check this token on most popular cryptocurrency charts:




contract: 0x129385c4acd0075e45a0c9a5177bdfec9678a138


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the sky is not the limit
the sky is not the limit

Let’s get into the world of raising tokens together 🌎💸🚀

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