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The Self-Sovereign
The Self-Sovereign

The Self-Sovereign

A series of thoughts about the current state of affairs in the crypto-sphere, its values and present woes. An in-depth analysis of our community as a political entity, how it is portrayed to be, and how it must organize to overcome the challenges ahead.

We are all Virgil Griffith: Analyzing the effects of government fallout

6 Dec 2019 8 minute read 0 comments Tadeus Prospero

It is a sad series of events that led to the writing of this piece. We would all be better off in a ideal world where believing in technology and actively pursuing the application of it for the common good was not an act subject to punishment or reta...

Furthering the Cypherpunk Onslaught

29 Nov 2019 4 minute read 1 comment Tadeus Prospero

Looking back through the years, and our community's history and development, one cant help but feel the echoing words of the past and contemplate the process that made bitcoin and blockchain technology possible as unavoidable omens of truth, made by...

Why the crypto-paradigm needs you.

25 Nov 2019 6 minute read 2 comments Tadeus Prospero

The days of irrational media-hyped bubble-mania are long gone it seems, as one strolls down the crypto-utopian boulevard. It is not surprising to see the many enthusiastic millennials of yonder, now soberly settling in the rash decisions of the past...