The Penny Struggle

By Moon91 | The search for free money | 7 Mar 2021


Hi guys, hasn't it happened to you that no matter how hard you try to win something extra, it doesn't happen?

I remember starting my search for money online when I was 16 or 17, it all started with PTCs. I was in all the ones I could, and I spent months clicking and never made a dollar. Then I tried the surveys, for my country almost no surveys appeared so I found out how to change my IP address, I came to VPNs, then to VPS, and overall I only managed to win a few gift cards. Years have passed and I still haven't got a real income. I have collected satoshis and now they are showing me a small profit, but it is minimal. Perhaps with all that I have spent in the years trying to earn something, with what I have right now I have not gained anything.
I even tried online casino. It went well for me but out of greed that I thought I could keep winning, I had $ 70 to withdraw and I put it in roulette and lost it, plus the initial $ 25. This whole situation is very funny, but here I am, trying. I trust that if income can be generated, I trust that I can get a small salary to help my parents and myself with the expenses, I am a traveling immigrant. With a country in crisis and without the possibility of returning. My parents give them everything I earn.
So I'll keep trying to earn more online to help them more, to see if there is any light of prosperity down the road.
Thanks for reading me.







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Hello, just looking to share and learn more about making money online!

The search for free money
The search for free money

Hi, just a regular girl trying to get some money online!

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