Bataan Nuclear Power Plant

Philippines is Reconsidering Nuclear Power as Demand For Electricity Soar

By The Science Note | The Science Note | 24 Sep 2020


Bataan Nuclear Power PlantDuring the pandemic, electricity consumption has increased dramatically due to the high usage rates of appliances so the Philippine government is reconsidering to go nuclear in order to power the country.

There are several reasons for using Nuclear energy this includes: being cleaner,
cheaper, more efficient and less sensitive to volatility according to a news release by the Philippine Nuclear Research Institute.

“A single pellet of uranium fuel almost the size of a pencil eraser contains as much energy as a ton of coal (907 kg), three barrels of oil (149 gallons), or as much as 17,000 cubic feet of natural gas,” says Dr. Carlo Arcilla, the DOST-PNRI director.

Besides that, Nuclear power maybe the solution to climate change because they don’t entail the high cost of refueling fossil fuels and don’t produce carbon emissions, the main cause of Global warming.

Uranium, the element that powers nuclear power is less economically volatile than their fossil fuel counterparts.

With 79 percent of Filipinos backing-up Nuclear energy according to a poll by the Department of Energy, Nuclear may come back to the Philippines.

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