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Adshares: A Revolutionary Platform Changing The Way Ads Are Done in The Age of Web 3.0

This is my first article ever and I welcome all criticism and feedback in the comments. It is also a contest entry for the Adshares giveaway/contest. To learn more about it check out this article by Igor Tomić.

Humanity has always been striving for better, from the very beginnings of Creation itself. From fire, to the wheel, and even modern bathrooms(thank god), all of these are but a drop in the ocean of innovation that is to come, one which no billionaire's bucket will be able to prevent from flooding. 

Even in the modern day, as we watch crypto become adopted as another monetary alternative to cash and coins, so too will Adshares($ADS) lead a revolution in the way ads are shown to the community, without, dare I say, a dictatorship by  corporations over the whole business itself.

By now I am sure you’re wondering what in the world Adshare is. Let me just narrate a little summary for our dear reader. ADS is a platform anyone can use for the buying or selling of ads on the Metaverse, blockchain games, NFT exhibitions, and websites using crypto as a means of transaction. While Google Adsense or Amazon Ads can take up to weeks to get started, all you need to do is buy an ADS token to get started with Adshare. Simple, right? But guess what, little reader, that’s just the beginning!

Not only does ADS have an extremely fast blockchain(1.4M tx/sec can be processed by the Enterprise Service Chain)and it’s easy to set up, it’s also 100% decentralized, which is needed meaning that you won’t be supporting one giant company in charge of the absolute mind-blowing amounts of money floating around the advertising business every day, and instead helping to support young creators and upcoming businesses, all with less fees, faster rates, and total privacy(no personal info required), due to the lack of a middleman business. Did I forget to mention that there’s no minimum deposit requirement?

Because Adshare is also directed towards the Metaverse, blockchain games, NFT exhibitions, and websites, which are all new technological trends rising in popularity and sure to grow over the next few years, your ads will reach many more people in much less time.

All in all, I feel that ADS is revolutionizing the crypto ads platform, due(but not limited to) its extremely fast rates, low transaction fees, total privacy, 100% decentralization, its direct approach to new technologies such as the blockchain and the Metaverse, and last but not least, its simplicity. It’s extremely easy for beginners to pick up on the GUI and functions of the platform itself. All of these ingredients combine to make a key lime pie of a platform: Adshare. 

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to get some food, I’m hungry.

This article was made covering the basics of Adshare($ADS). There are many more things I could not have covered in one article. If you wish to learn more about Adshare, both about the platform and the more technical parts, I recommend you check out the links down below:




Disclaimer: I am not a financial expert, this is not financial advice, and I highly recommend doing your own research before putting money into anything.

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