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Angels Deserve to Die

By CrazyInsane | CrazyInsane | 6 Aug 2020

Hello everyone ✋ Today I bring you another story which you may find a bit dark but I hope you'll find this interesting , a quick reminder some here contains very sensitive words and photos.

... And so I lay down the ground and waited, waited for someone, waited for something, should I ever search or should I just wait? Should I keep my phase or should I just run?


I opened my eyes and got out of bed. The music never stops, it keeps surrounding the entire house, it ate up the spaces in our corners.
"I hate you!!"... " You two brought misfortune to me"... Those words keep on ringing on my head ,the sounds of flesh that's been cut down each and everyday, I'm used to it , This things not new to me anymore. This was the music I never wished for but keeps on playing in this damn station.

I saw her bruises including blood dripping from her mouth each and everyday. I picked up the towel and wiped it off. Her tears seems to dried out already unlike before, the pain seems nothing to her anymore. I guide her to the sofa, I comb her hair while she lay down my lap. We never talked to much , she just look anywhere with round eyes and pale lips. Her shiverings never stops ,as what I said this not new to me anymore.

What I'm doing is not out of pity or just patience. I literally don't even know how'd it come to this. I just woke up and found myself in this dark situation.

I turned on the lights for sun doesn't seem to penetrate in the window , it was so long ago since I saw it's masterful glow. I looked at the mirror and realize I was never been the same.

There are marks of stitches all over my body, dried blood on my face and swollen eyes, as what I've said this is not new to me anymore, maybe I was too used to it to realize the pain or maybe I was so busy caring for others that I forgot to care for myself.


"Sister were hungry"..." Please let us eat"... " I just wanna die"... This screams woke my consiousness.

I ran down the rotten staircase and found dirty and so thin kids lying on the floor with chains on either their hands or their feet begging for food... Begging for help. Suddenly their screams stopped and glared me a very terrifying look.

Their eyes seems to ate up all my remaining soul...or do I still have one?...

I did not understand what I was feeling anymore, I ran from them I searched for an exit only to find walls ,empty halls and mephitic smell of blood that flourished in every part of this dark house.

I was down on my knees , I wanted to cry, my heart bleeds so much from the pain, But no tears seem to fall down from my eyes... I told myself " this things not new to me anymore"

I stood up searched for food and feed the kids ,I saw them eat like hungry ghouls ,I gave them water to drink and splash their heads with warm water. I hear one said " uhhhh this is so good"... It wounded me more hearing those words but somehow gave me a little bit of joy.

I ran back up the dark staircase and found the lady I saw earlier already bathed with her own blood holding a shinny knife in her right hand...

Yet I never feel shock or terrified. I thought to myself , she already found her happiness , she already found the exit from this fiendish house...I covered her with white cloth and wave my first and last goodbye.

I walked back to where I usually sleep and unexpectedly found tons of gasoline , why have I never smelled it before?... Without any reason I drag all the containers and poured the gasoline all throughout the house,  I bathed those kids with gasoline including myself...I picked up the box of matches and in an instant ignited all of the place...

I never heard a scream, even once... I turn around and found a contented and happy faces of those kids... I heard them whispered..."thank you"... And after which I saw darkness.

How long have I been sleeping? ... I slowly opened my eyes and saw the masterful glow of the sun...

The warmth it brings that hugs my body... I wanted to stood up but I couldn't find my strength, I swayed my head to look for something around only to find burned bodies and rotten house.

There I felt great happiness... The gentleness of the glowing sun made me smiled for the first time.

... And so I lay down the ground and waited, waited for someone, waited for something, should I ever search or should I just wait? Should I keep my phase or should I just hide...

I just had my last sigh and thought
"Yes indeed...Angels deserve to die"...



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