Honesty may be the best economic policy?
Perhaps a savior not a sin

Honesty may be the best economic policy?

By Chubbie149 | The power of vice | 4 Mar 2020



The vice standard




    Historically speaking society has in one form or another bean rooted in faith. In essence faith is what gives an economy its power. Without faith it is just plastic cards and paper notes.




     At one point not to long ago the us began implementing the gold standard. While this was theoretically a rational idea it was unfortunately un sustainable. As a finite resource it couldn't independently back an ever-growing population's economy. Nowadays the gold standard is in essence a myth. However the economy persists because humans crave sin.




     Human nature can be attributed to the duality of ones psyche. The ego and the id though an argument could be made there are three however the super ego is in part dependent on society to exist. The ego is the self the mammalian portion of the brain. While the id the reptilian portion is more instinctual. Humanity has a inflated sense superiority in relation to how we view ourselves compared to the rest of the life. Most view animals as incapable of anything other than instinctual behavior. To a certain extent this rings true however i personally believe the mistake is thinking we are driven by anything other than instinct.




   We have been conditioned to believe love laws and ones own code of ethics are signs that there is more to us than pure animalistic urges. That belief is a social construct that is the basis of the super ego. By understanding ones own phyche however it can give you a glimpse as to what drives society as a whole.




     Now this seems a little bit off topic how does ones phyche impact society. It doesnt alone however in mass it has quite a significant impact. Society historically speaking has ben inexorably linked to greed, gluteny, lust, pride, wrath, envy and sloth. Now when these are the only deciding factors it is chaos plain and simple. However historically speaking the opposite can be just as dangerous.




    Essentially it is imperative that there is a healthy mix to facilitate the functionality of society as a whole. Now just for some exaples on how historically this trend repeats itself. Now as humans progressed from hunter gatherers to a more agricultural existence we start to see the first signs of conflict. Before as the smaller packs would follow their prey they wold not be as attached to one specific area. However as farming became more essential these groups would for the first time know scarcity. As these new fears developed so to did our response to said fears. This paved the way for greed and wrath.




      Later on as civilization progressed and the packs now settlements increased in scale. So to did the scope of the ramifications. Wether the problems arise due to lack of any "Morales" or the imposed restrictions the result is often the same economic and social collapse. This all sounds like a grim outlook for our future however it's not set in stone.




        Theoretically speaking one can use this information to their advantage. For example last November there was a rapid decline in bitcoin price. What ended the downward trend was what amounts to a animalistic urge lust. When pornhub started utilizing crypto not only did the market stabilize it did better than before the decline. Though i have no concrete evidence to back this hypothesis i am starting to believe that crypto is now and always was linked to the animalistic facets of the economy. This is not always so blatantly noticeable. Nor does it represent 100% of the market.




     Basically i like many others whom are uninformed on the cryptocurrency market think it's mostly just used on the dark web. This is clearly not the case it may be a part of the economy. However this is the case in any economic system. Realistically there is no inherent value in any monetary system. The gold standard sounds good but its an impractical use of such a versatile useful resource. Luckily  our vices wether its coffe, lust, greed gluteny wrath sloth ect to each there own.




     Prohibition leads to economic depression while moderation can leed to social innovation. That's why i say goodbye gold standard hello vice standard.

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The power of vice
The power of vice

If society takes an honest look at history as a whole some trends become apparent.

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