CaribDAO: Activate Earning of BNB, CARiB & NFTs

Are you saying goodbye to August already? Wait a minute there is something you need to do before you end September and join the train of amazing rewards.

Just last month (July 2023), a total amount worth $5,000 of rewards was released to participants at CaribDAO zealy quest that activate amazing engagement within the Caribbean community.

As August is ending, new zealy quest ready to begin on September 1st, 2023. Do you want to guess the rewards? Wait!

Activate your position first and carry out a quick quest which will enables you for this rewards.

Quest Before The Quest

The quest before the quest is simple.

1. Join the Discord Server 

2. Claim your Discord Role

If you have completed this, you are ready to role. Even before the quest begin proper by September, you get chance to earn from cash boxes on the Server.

Now The Deal

Zealy quest for the month September is close to us and huge rewards is attached.

To be able to catch up all the necessary information of this.... Follow the Link


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