It was an interesting moment as the community members gathered together to learn about the unique features of the Transformers chain. It happens the event started around 4 PM WAT with an overview discussion about Transformers.

The AMA pitched: Transformer Overview

Samest revealed that TFSC is the future of blockchain technology set to offer a completely decentralized public chain system in which anyone can participate. This solution comes with parallel processing and a unique chain structure, and this has unmatched scalability and performance.

As the discussion continued, he added that the Raindrop protocol enables this parallel processing on the network and this serves as a security feature of the network.

Following the parallel connectivity within the chain, the nodes on the network are standalone and it's easy to detect any form of irregularity happening within each node and can easily be cut off from the network.

Another point that was looked into is the possibility of a Transformers chain.

Samest started by revealing the connectivity, distribution and decentralized structure of the chain. He takes time to explain how transactions are completed on the network within 1 sec. As the discussion ongoing with the revealing point of the advantages of Transformers to the crypto community, there are questions raised by Royal Seed7

These day security have been issue for most investors which scared them from investing in new project so what measures are the devs putting in place to assure the investors of safety of their fund.

Answer by samest: TFSC adopts algorithms and security mechanisms that are widely used and have been widely tested in practice to protect the security of assets on the chain. Mainly including ED25519 Conic Curve Signature Algorithm and Verifiable Random Function (VRF).

Furthermore, Adeel one of the Transformers CM also asked a question focusing on:

What is the best features in Transformers Chain?

Samest was sceptical in answering the question but later settled for the security aspect of the project as the best feature. he claimed that when the security on the network is okay, every other thing is settled. Transformers chain brings all solutions to blockchain problems in one place through Raindrop Protocol.

The last question comes from Min Dl and this time is in two forms.

Why is the Transformers chain document read 1 sec in transaction completion why do we have some projects doing less? 

The answer given: At maximum transaction will be completed in 1 second, it simply the transaction can be completed in less than 1 second. Testing this will definitely clear anyone's doubt about the chain.

How many transactions are completed with this second given, Min Dl added.

This needs more detailed information from the technical side of the project and this will be the starting point of my next AMA with the community.

Follow closely and study the project white paper for continuous discussion.

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