Passive Income with SOLANA NFTs

By TheOasians | The Oasians | 27 Jun 2022

Previously we talked about Passive Income for NFT and a few of you guys jumped into our discord asking for recommendations on Solana NFT staking. Well then let’s get straight to the point. As NFTs hype is slowly cooling down there are still lots of interesting NFTs to talk about, especially those with utilities or generate value to their holders. So what Solana Projects are worth yoloing into?


Table of Contents
1. Cosmic Condos
2. Fuji Lions
3. Famous Fox Federation
4. Concluding thoughts “Why Solana”?

Part 1. Cosmic Condos (Gen1 and Gen2)


Gen 1 Cosmic Condos is a collection of 3,333 uniquely generated houses situated on Mars and powered by the Solana blockchain. Not only is each Cosmic Condo unique, but they will also earn their owners $SPACEGOLD. The amount of $SPACEGOLD you can claim per day will vary depending on what region on Mars your Condo is situated in. Condos situated in rare regions will generate more $SPACEGOLD per day compared to those situated in common regions. As shown as the regions below:

  • 1/1 NFTs will receive 900 $SPACEGOLD tokens per day when staked.
  • Nuclear Glacier — A radioactive arctic paradise clustered with majestic glistening ice caps. (300 $SPACEGOLD per day)
  • Acid Jungle — A psychedelic rainforest flourishing with dense tropical jungles. (200 $SPACEGOLD per day)
  • Space Mountains — An immense mountain range of steep-sided jagged peaks. (120 $SPACEGOLD per day)
  • Barren Land — A isolated wilderness, otherwise known as no man’s land. (100 $SPACEGOLD per day)


Gen 2 Cosmic Condos is a collection of 6,666. $9000SPACEGOLD could be used to mint a Gen 2 Cosmic Condos NFT. It is important to note that $SPACEGOLD is the only currency accepted when purchasing Gen 2 Cosmic Condos or Mystery Boxes. Mystery boxes include prizes such as NFTs and $SPACEGOLD, but the possibilities are endless. $SPACEGOLD can also be traded on USDC with DEX.

With a max supply of 20,000,000,000, $SPACEGOLD is a deflationary token in the Solana ecosystem, which integrates both game-theory mechanisms and intelligent burning mechanisms to increase the value. $SPACEGOLD will be the native currency of Cosmic Condos metaverse. This means you will need $SPACEGOLD to customize the interior of your 3D condo.

Other holder benefits like gaining access to the Cosmic Condo Club, an exclusive member-only zone, where members will be able to purchase mystery boxes and download exclusive Cosmic Condos Twitter banners. Cosmic Condo Club members will also receive secret airdrops, access to future mints, and other exclusive benefits which will be announced.

Part 2. Fuji Lions


Fuji Lions is a collection of 1111 Lion Solana NFTs bringing $FUJI to the blockchain. (Similar to Cops and Robber) The Fuji combines all the fun and risks of game theory. According to Fuji Lion’s game theory, each decision you make will affect your success in the Fuji Lions ecosystem. However, be aware that making the wrong decision can result in the loss of valuable NFTs. Currently, there is no correct answer to how to make the best decision. The best strategy will continuously change as the project evolves. The most successful players will be the ones that can quickly tweak and adapt their strategies depending on what other people are doing in the game.

With a max supply of 15,000,000 $FUJI each Gen 0 Fuji lions produce $10FUJI a day by staking. Gen 0 could be used for breeding newborn lions which need to be fed 50 $FUJI either all at once or 10 $FUJI every day to grow into a lion cub and a rare chance of getting an evil lion cub. If the cub is left unfed, the newborn lion will die and be burnt. After 5 days of feeding the newborn lion, the newborn lion will grow into a Gen 1 Lion(cub).

Cubs can be staked in the Fuji Forest to earn $FUJI as well, but they must pay a tax anytime they claim their $FUJI. This $FUJI will be dispersed among the staked evil cubs equally. If a regular lion cub is unstaked from the Fuji Forest, the evil lion cubs will try to steal the regular cub. If the evil cubs are successful, the regular lion cub will go to a random evil cub holder that is staking their cub.


Part 3. Famous Fox Federation

If you have heard of the Cool Cats Collection on Ethereum, then you are going to love the Famous Fox Federation collection on the Solana. Famous Fox Federation is a collection of 7,777 FFF NFTs on the Solana blockchain network.


FFF NFT gives owners access to DAOs (Decentralized Autonomous Organizations), and DAO members are eligible to exclusive events including SOL Raffles, Airdrops, NFT Mint, Community Giveaways, and exclusive channels (NFT Alpha Calls, Game Tournaments, Raids, etc.)

Staking also plays an important part in the FFF ecosystem, your NFT will be locked for at least 3 days on the official Famous Foxes website. During this period, holders may not sell or trade collateral assets. In addition, they are not visible in the user’s wallet and are locked to FFF’s staking smart contracts. However, each wallet address retains full ownership of the NFT and will not lose access to the DAO or be subject to future airdrops.

As a reward for staking, users receive $FOXY tokens daily. FFF holders receive 100 $FOXY tokens per day, and TFF holders receive 25 per day. FOXY tokens can be claimed at any time and there is no limit to how long users stake their NFTs. However, due to compliance issues, $FOXY tokens do not have an official market and cannot be exchanged for cryptocurrencies such as SOL and USDC.

What’s unique about $FOXY is that $FOXY will be used for all future mint, functions, and utilities. Investors can no longer use SOL or fiat currencies to buy NFTs from the FFF ecosystem. The only way to purchase something like Dens (Housing for FFF NFTs) is to use $FOXY tokens. This essentially means that $FOXY is the only currency of the Fox Alliance. Without FOXY, investors will not be able to buy future mints.

Part 4. Concluding thoughts “Why Solana”?

A lot of you guys must be wondering why Solana? Why not Ethereum? Well, Solana is made for performance, with 65,000 transactions per second (TPS) this makes Ethereum’s meandering 15 transactions per second (TPS) looking like a turtle. What makes Solana even more unique is its utilities and low gas prices. Hence making Solana the coolest kid in crypto.

Although Solana isn’t the fastest blockchain in the world, it has the fastest-growing ecosystem in cryptocurrencies, with thousands of projects spanning Defi, NFT, Web3, and more. The number of Solana NFTs has increased significantly over time. Solana NFTs has a total sales volume over $1 billion!

Another question you guys must be pondering is what’s the difference between Ethereum NFT staking and Solana NFT staking? To be honest, I personally don’t think there is much difference between them. At the end of the day, it is the community that makes up the value of the NFT collection.


This article is for educational purposes only. We have no relationship to these projects, and there is no endorsement for these projects. The information provided through Oasians does not constitute advice or recommendation of investment or trading. Oasians does not take responsibility for any of your investment decisions. Please seek professional advice before taking financial risks.

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