May Flowers

By Farfalle | The Noodle | 17 May 2021

Hello again,

My adventures in re-discovering photography continue. What's blooming now? Everything from Azaleas to Rhododendrons - alphabetically speaking, since azaleas are rhododendrons! Never the less, we've got Bleeding hearts, Solomon's seal, Clematis, Raspberry, Allium, more, and a bee got in there! Like the other flower pics I've posted consider these public domain - CC0

Some things I've learned. Having a good camera is half as important as having good weather. A cloudy day makes a big improvement! Night photography is still my favorite. And, using a very low f-stop reeeeallly doesn't work in many situations. You can get that out of focus background without struggling to find focus.


P.S. The pixel art contest continues for those that want to win For The Birds NFTs. You don't have to have skill to win. Details here -

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