Authpaper – A Secured Peer-To-Peer Data Delivery Platform

By Ijabe | The New Key | 13 Aug 2019

Documents, certificate and vita data deserves adequate security. Documentation and certification is very essential in every human endeavor, it can not for one reason or the other be ruled out. To execute or complete some processes, Some certificates have to get sent from one client, an organization or company to the another and even across boarders. Of course, there exists some practical technology for delivering data, but many could not meet certain requirements often laid by clients in achieving some specific purposes due to lack of trust, security and so on. These has led to data fraud or theft, financial fraud, forgery and so on. In short the old centralized system of data delivery demands a paradigm shift and a radical development.
The interconnectivity of the world today has made it more difficult for trust and reality to be delivered effectively. Although the benefit of Technology can not be quantified but many are also the evils inherent in it. With the advancement in Technology, documents can easily be adulterated and forged. Stamps and signatures can be manipulated to give a real look to documents. In fact, to the dismay, signatures and stamps are not bind together on documents, which open up an avenue for easy copy and paste thereby portraying an arbitrary documents as ‘’real document’’.
Aside the Physical mailing process the (leading way of delivering documents), many companies or clients today delivers documents using electronic medium, using the emails but that has never changed anything. it is still very evident that information security are still much subjectable to threats, in fact, the transfer of huge digital data and files among two or multiple parties can not be adequately guaranteed. Without much ado, this traditional system of data delivery must be enhanced, a condition behind the coming to being of Authpaper - a peer-to-peer digital data delivery platform.

Authpaper Delivery Platform is a decentralized system that bring to fore a confidential system of sending data from one user to another. Authpaper delivery platform as a BT-based decentralized data haulage interface is powered by Blockchain technology utilizing a cryptocurrency (stamps) for payment of delivery and for reward of users. This platform does not have a centralized server, it is an absolute decentralized system.
AuthPaper was created to build trust between the digital and real world. The recipient of data sent through Authpaper is the only rightful person to access and read the data. Data is sent through a trusted channel and encrypted by two encryption keys prior to the sending. It takes the conscent of the recipient for the two encryption keys to be decrypted. Authpaper will allow the sending of huge amount of data in terabits with out delay or incurring an arbitrary costs for bandwidth.



The ICO (Initial coin offering) program, is instituted by Authpaper to encourage service development. The selling of Auuthpaper’s tokens had started since March 10, 20-19 and will end on August 15, 20-19
Pre sale : 15Aug 2018 – 14 Sept 2018 (0.05 USD = 1.0 AUPC)
Public Sales : Sept 2018 - 15 Dec 2018 (0.1 USD = 1.0 AUPC)
Token Symbol - AUPC (an ERC-2O compliance token)
Pre ICO Price - 1 AUPC = 0.05 USD
Price - 1 AUPC = 0.1 USD
Minimum investment - 50 USD ( Ethereum)
Soft cap - 1000000 USD
Hard cap - 41500000 USD
Country - Hong Kong
Whitelist/KYC - None
Restricted areas - USA, China TEAM




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Bountysuite Username : jayfocus

ETH ADDR : 0x55097781c1a95783E1F135B6203A6d44Ee7a2f8f



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