The Benefits of Affiliate System Using Blockchain Technology

The implementation of blockchain technology into the affiliate system is one of the beneficial revolutions in the cryptocurrency world.


One of the beneficial revolutions in the cryptocurrency world is the integration of blockchain technology into the affiliate system. The technology has had a positive impact on affiliate business. 

What is Blockchain?

Blockchain is an open and distributed ledger for recording transactions between two parties. It uses a decentralized and encrypted database to ensure the information can’t be altered, ensuring its originality.

Blockchain is introduced into affiliate marketing to ensure that affiliate marketers are paid for completed tasks as stipulated in the Blockchain while affiliate companies won’t be cheated of their money because they only paid for completed jobs. 

Some of the major benefits of the Blockchain technology to affiliate marketing are outlined below: 

1.Better transparency

Trust issues, fraud, disputes, and cookie spamming are some of the challenges bedeviling the affiliate marketing industry. These challenges can be overcome with the introduction of Blockchain technology. 

By replacing the Pay Per Click model and storing transaction records on Smart Contracts on Blockchain, the affiliate marketing industry can solve these problems and boost transparency while reducing fraud.

2. Prompt payment

With Blockchain, the days of delayed and disputed payments are over. The technology will issue commission payments automatically. Thanks to the transaction transparency the technology supports, there won’t be room for disputed commissions and payments. 

Through Smart Contract, payment can be made in real-time and according to payment schedule and conditions. Once the conditions are met, you will be paid promptly.  

3. Improved protection of user data

Blockchain technology’s incorporation into the affiliate business will guarantee better protection of user data. Since DeFinance users aren’t connected and can’t be affected by hacking, further establishing the platform’s safety of use. 

As a secure technology, Blockchain will undo some of the damages that have already been done to the affiliate system. It will also make the affiliate business more attractive to potential and existing affiliate marketers. 


What is DeFinance?

DeFinance is a Decentralized Exchange platform on Binance Smart Chain. It has an Automated Marketing Making (AMM) protocol that allows the exchange’s users to list, trade, and convert their BEP-20 tokens effortlessly and efficiently. 

It provides an unforgettable user experience in comparison with its major competitors such as Pancake Swap, Uniswap, and Sushi Swap. Its ease of use is second to none.

DeFinance also provides the Alpha Governing voting mechanism that empowers users to vote on issues concerning the platform and thus can determine its future because DeFinance treats users as stakeholders and not mere investors. 

To cap it all, all users have the unique opportunity to earn some side income while using the platform, through its affiliate system. 


Passive Income on DeFinance

DeFinance has an affiliate system launched on Binance SmartChain. The objective is to open the door of opportunity for DeFinance users to have a passive source of income. 

The DeFinance team allows users to make money passively by storing their assets on the SmartChain. If you store your asset in regular eWallets, it won’t attract interest and isn’t beneficial to you. However, if you stake your cryptocurrency and leave it on the DeFinance platform, you will earn interest on the asset passively. 

In addition to earning a stable currency by leaving your asset on the platform, you can also earn referral commission whenever you recommend DeFinance to someone who later joined the platform. 

By introducing DeFinance to friends and family, you increase your chances of earning 10% Stable coin. DeFinance will credit your eWallet directly with your commission. That’s in addition to the 5% bonus you are entitled to from your referrals’ referrals. The DeFinance team hopes to increase its user base through this affiliate program that is open to all members. 

The DeFinance platform, aside from being a credible and a leading DeFi platform where cryptocurrency enthusiasts can exchange BEP-20 tokens, also offers its growing user base an opportunity to supplement their regular income through its affiliate program. 

Refer friends and family members and be in pole position to earn attractive passive income. You will also earn more as your referrals follow suit and refer other users to the platform, creating a long chain of passive income avenues for you. 

By: Divya Khurana  

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DeFinance is a fully verified, audited, and hybrid swap protocol. The platform introduces a unique strategy that offers improved updates compared to AMM-based swap protocols such as Sushi Swap, Pancake Swap, and Uniswap. It is a community-driven platform

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The New DeFi Exchange launching this september

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