The Illusion of Decision


So, what happens is that for some unexplained reason, there’s a birth of beingness in Awareneess. This Consciousness is born inside pure Awareness. So conversationally we can say that Awareness gives birth to Consciousness, see? But this is not a doing. It does not decide okay, let me now give birth to Consciousness. You do not decide, ‘okay let me give birth to Consciousness.’ See because you are Awareness, so this concept of decision making and deciding is only for the mind actually. Everything is just flowing. The mind comes up with this concept of deciding or choosing or doing. So all of these terms don’t apply to Awareness.

Because just spontaneously there is a birth of beingness from within Awareness itself. And in the light of this beingness then the world is being projected. So nobody is actually doing anything. But if you want to say that there is a doer, then in must be this beingness itself. Because without consciousness, without beingness, there can be no action. There can be no movement. There can be no phenomena actually. So in the primal phenomena, in the light of this primal phenomena called beingness or atma, then all this world comes into play.

So the entire concept of doership is just made up. Just make believe. There is nobody doing anything at all. And knowing this, the ego cannot survive. Because one of the ego’s constant question is, ‘what do I do? What should I do? What should I do?’ It sets a target and also freedom becomes like a target or goal and says, ‘what do I do to get there?’ Because it always believes that ‘I’m not there yet.’ But you are already home. You’re sitting on your bed at home and saying, ‘how do I get home, how do I get home?’ You cannot leave home. You are home. Good. No one can leave Awareness. No one can stop being aware.

So what is there for you to do or not do? What action will make a difference to what you are? You are already complete. Nothing can touch what you are. No matter how strong the story is, no matter how real it seems…. It is never true. Because nothing has ever happened to you. You have not moved one inch. Then what is all this about? That’s why we say that, even the desire for freedom is an illusion.

*Last May Good Thing Came To Your Life.

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Midnight Sorrow
Midnight Sorrow

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The Nature of the Mind
The Nature of the Mind

"The Nature of the Mind" is mainly about human liability and the nature of people. On one hand, it is seen that society has played a big role in guiding our minds in a way of superficiality and that we have to rip off the very origin of thoughts in order to let go non-self and show life, which manifests awareness in its deepest meaning through transcendence of the external shell and emergence of the core of its substance. Through the exercise of self-study and spiritual alertness .

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