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Great cheap guitars for beginners

By nanoflowerdemon | The Nanocave | 9 May 2020

You might've seen an ad on Youtube where some guy goes "Do you ever wonder why so many people say they want to learn to play guitar but never actually learn to play?". Well, I don't know my dude but sometimes people just can't afford to buy expensive instruments. Luckily though, we live in an age where cheap instruments can be of impressive quality which was not the case some 40 years ago. So, as a guitar player I a going to recommend you some cheap guitars that will get you started on your journey. There are a lot of cheap guitars out there but I chose these cause I feel since they are mass produced they should be available in most stores worldwide.


1. Squier Affinity Telecaster


This would be the one I would recommend the most. Mostly cause I own one and it has become my main guitar. Priced at around 200$ it's a classic tele experience, nothing too fancy, fairly simple. The bridge pickup is ok but the neck pickup shines in my opinion and gives a beautiful jazzy tone. 21 frets, 3 way toggle switch, volume and tone knob, 25,5 inch scale. Teles are known for being some of the most versatile guitars in the world and honestly, this one is a joy.


2. Jackson JS Series


Now, I'm including every guitar in the JS series at this spot because they're all pretty much the same deal with some differences depending on your option. For example, JS11 has 22 frets while JS12 has 24. Everything else is the same however including the body, pickups, wood etc. Not to mention there are even extended range guitars in this series like 7 and 8 strings. I own a JS32 8 string and while the pickups can be a bit lacking, you can still get a brutal tone with a good amp or sim. That's the only problem with the JS series pickups. In order to keep it cheap they can't specially design extended range pickups, it's just the regular pickup but longer. Nevertheless, the JS series is great for those who feel like learning more shredy styles of guitar.


3. Yamaha Pacifica


The Pacifica model goes way back and is well known for being the students choice. The SSH pickup configuration offers a lot of versatility. I would recommend this to some beginning fusion or funk players who are looking for something like a Strat but can't afford a more pricey guitar. I can't say too much about it since I don't own one, I just know someone who used to. But, I do know it comes recommended a lot.


4. Ibanez GIO Series


The affordable guitar for the beginner rock god in your life. Back in the day these guitars were more flawed but in recent years they seem to be holding their own. Not to mention there are a lot of different shapes and models in the GIO series. Even I kind of want to get one of those super thin S type Ibanezes that are in the GIO price range.


5. LTD MH Series


LTD is a brand of ESP guitars made in Korea. They vary in price range a lot. Some can cost around 200$, some can be in the 500 to 700$ range. Some can even be over 1000$. I own an older LTD MH-1000 with a floyd rose system. It used to be my main guitar but is now retired. That would be one of the more pricey models. In the more affordable range, you would be looking at something like an MH-50. There are differences of course. The cheaper models will have a bolt on neck rather than a set or set through neck. The pickups will be stock LTD pickups which won't be as good as the EMGs or Seymour Duncans that you might find on the more expensive models. This doesn't mean that you won't be able to melt faces with these guitars. Quite the contrary. Most LTD guitars are metal monsters and you can get a lot of growl for 200$.


Thank you for reading! Rock on!


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