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By Mangoman | The mysterious Bitcoin | 16 Aug 2020

Hello friends!

I am new to the crypto world and I find the mysterious background of bitcoin very intriguing. I am actively learning more about block chain technology and about famous crypto currencies and the tech behind them. I personally love reading and found that there is a lot that could be written around bitcoin. I am thinking of writing about the mysterious creator of bitcoin and a fiction story/series about bitcoin and the future. 




The story I have in mind is about what if bitcoin was not what we though it was (it's completely fiction but I'll link to real events to make it interesting), The year would around 2500 or something, kind of a dark cyberpunk future , bitcoin was actually just the beginning, the AI revolution changed what we though. I Intend to create the story about an event I call *THE AWAKENING*, I will also include the mysterious bitcoin block  and talk about it often. I would gladly accept ideas about the story and what you guys think about it.


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I hope yo have a wonderful Day!

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The mysterious Bitcoin
The mysterious Bitcoin

I Intend to write interesting (fictional) stories about Crypto, the mystery regarding satoshi nakamoto and similar things.

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