How To Propagate Plants

By Tyler393 | The Mr. Gardener | 24 Feb 2022

Do you have a Indoor plant collection? Do you want to turn one of your favorite plants into two of your favorite plants but unsure how to do that? If so then Mr. Gardener is here to help you propagate your plants by providing you two ways to do so.
Method #1 is to take a piece of your favorite plant like a vine type plant for example and cut about 4inches in length or how long you would like. Just don’t cut it back so far to the base of the plant or your plant will become stressed out and turn brown and eventually die. after you got your piece of cut plant get yourself a pot or something to hold soil the in. Next get yourself some lose soil something like potting soil and nothing that clumps together. After you got your pot full of soil take you cutting and gently scrap the base of the cutting with your fingernail to expose the layer underneath the outer layer after your done with all that place your cutting in soil and keep the soil wet like a sponge and wait a month and a half and you should see progress and new growth on your cutting.
Method #2 is fairly simple take a glass full of water I recommend a clear glass because then you can watch the roots start to grow. Then take your cutting like before and expose that inside layer of the cutting by scraping the the outer layer of the cutting and place the cutting in the glass full of water. When you use this method the most you have to do is change the water as soon as you see the water become cloudy. After you start to see roots growing and new growth on the plant cutting it is time to get yourself a pot full a potting soil or lose non clumping soil and now your plant cutting will start to grow into a brand new plant.  

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