How To Attract Birds To Your Yard

By Tyler393 | The Mr. Gardener | 25 Feb 2022

Today Mr. Gardener is going to help you attract birds to your yard by providing you with a few options to help you enjoy bird watching in your yard.   Option # 1 is what type of feeders to use there are so many different bird feeders out there on the market but one my favorite bird feeders is called a platform bird feeder. Now a platform bird feeder is a 2 in 1 bird feeder And you can use it in 2 ways and it can hold up to 5 pounds of bird seed and feed up to 20 Birds at a time.

Option # 2 is to use a platform feeder is by placing it on the ground if you have no way to hang it or you want to let other wildlife like squirrels enjoy some fresh bird seed but if you don’t want other wildlife enjoying your bird seed on the platform I highly recommend to use Option # 2 and hang it up in a tree or a bird feeder pole. The other bird feeder that is most common is a tube feeder and you can feed up to 6 birds at a time and it can hold up to 5 pounds of bird seed. Option # 3 is what kind of bird seed do you want to provide to your backyard birds. Now when you feed birds in your backyard you can’t use the bird feed like people use to feed their pet birds indoors because that seed doesn’t have the right nutrients for wildlife birds. Here are some options of what you can feed your backyard birds.     • Black Oil Sunflower Seeds ( All Birds Love Them) • Wild Bird Seed Mix ( All Birds Love Them) • Suet Bird Feed Blocks ( All Birds Love Them) • Unsalted Peanuts ( Wood peckers and Blue Jays love them) • Mealworms ( Bluebirds Love Them)   Now that Mr. Gardener has provided you with what type of bird feeders there is out there and what type of different types of wild bird feed there is out there for the different types of birds you want to attract to your yard now it’s time to set up your area in your yard.   I highly recommend to set up your bird feeding station near a tree, somewhere that the birds can feel safe and hide if they need to and or your garden like a flower garden and not a vegetable garden because if you place your bird feeders near a vegetable garden the birds will think it is ok to eat things that grow in your vegetable garden. If you keep all these options in mind when you set up your bird feeding station you will start to see birds enjoying fresh bird seed in no time   The last thing Mr. Gardener would like to highly recommend is to take all your bird feeders down every end of the month and clean your feeders with soap and warm water because birds do carry diseases and when you clean them out every month you can help the birds stay healthy and safe.    

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