3 Hard To Kill Plants

By Tyler393 | The Mr. Gardener | 25 Feb 2022

Do you love to grow plants but every time you care for plants they seem to die? If so the Mr. Gardener is here to help you enjoy plants by providing you with 3 different hard to kill plants.   Plant # 1 is a yucka plant a yucka plant is a desert plant and a cold hardy plant. A yucka plant can withstand drought like temperatures and can withstand below freezing temperatures and still live. A yucka plant is a fast growing plant good for a outdoor and indoor plant and they produce baby plants every end of the year. When you want to grow a yucka plant indoors they require full sunlight and very little watering depending on the temperature in your home for example if you home holds temperatures in the upper 70s then I suggest that you keep a eye out on the soil to make sure it is not dry. If your home holds temperatures near the 60s very little watering is required.   Plant # 2 is a Christmas cactus a Christmas cactus is like all the other cactus but the reason it is called a Christmas cactus is from the red flowers that looks like Christmas bulbs on a Christmas tree in a way. When caring for a Christmas cactus very little watering is required I recommend to keep the soil like damp sandy soil in a way not to wet but not dry. A Christmas cactus needs full sun but if you live in a climate that gets 40 degrees weather then a Christmas cactus will have to become a indoor plant and it will have to have indoor light.   Plant # 3 is a Snake plant a snake plant is a tall growing plant that most people consider a indoor plant because it is a tropical plant but if you live a climate that gets upper 80 degrees year around then a snake plant can become a outdoor plant to. Now if you choose to make your snake plant a indoor plant some care is needed and that is watering when the soil starts to become dry and a snake plant needs full sun or indoor lighting. When a snake plant becomes to tall the leaves might start to fall down that’s normal all you have to do is stake them up with a stick or something similar.      


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