Mining crypto with the AWS FREE tier? Free money?

By BrynnB | The Modern Crypto Man | 18 Sep 2020

So last night I wanted to try something rather interesting. Thankfully I didn't. If you've read the title, you'll know. Let me explain

I've recently signed up for the 12 month free tier for Amazon Web Services, a cloud practitioner service that offers many tools to experiment with, one of which is the ability to launch a virtual machine, known as an EC2 instance. The great part about this is that even your EC2 module can be started and run for free! (within a certain eligible tier, of course). This got me thinking.... "What if I could use this virtual machine to mine crypto for me? Sure, it wouldn't be much from the CPU that the machine is running off, but it would be something, right?"

So naturally I did what any millenial with a question does - I took to the great Uncle Google. And I inquired for around an hour, searching aimlessly to try find a tutorial or how-to on starting an EC2 and running a mining software on it. Eventually, I happened to come across a reddit post regarding this exact topic, and my mind was immediately changed.

In the comments, an AWS certified practitioner commented - and kind of put it into perspective. The free tier will mine only a few cents a month, and due to the breach of terms of service, you could be slapped with a lifetime ban from Amazon's platform. Yikes.

Needless to say, my journey ended there. I am not willing to sacrifice such a great tool for a few cents of crypto. Lesson learned friends - always read those damn T&C's!

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