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4 Ways to Earn a Little Extra Crypto Doing What You Already Do

By Epy | The Mixed Blog | 18 Apr 2021

Would you like to earn even more crypto for doing every day stuff? We'll start with some of the obvious ways, then work down the list for some of the less obvious ways.


Method #1: Optional ads on the Brave web browser. Download the browser HERE. This is one of the more obvious ways to earn crypto, but you'd be surprised how many people still don't know about it. If you download Brave web browser and enable their ad system you can generate some of their BAT (Basic Attention Token). This works on Android, PC, and MAC, but it Apple blocks your ability to earn BAT on iOS/iPhones. You can opt to receive up to 5 ads an hour. The system was originally designed for tipping the BAT to various content creators you enjoy, but it's perfectly okay to tip yourself. Once you earn 25 BAT you can link the Brave browser wallet to an Uphold wallet you create so that you can transfer it wherever you please. Brave intends on adding their own wallet system to move away from using Uphold, but it may be a little while before that's done. Basically if you can hold your BAT for awhile, it might pay off to avoid paying any high Eth gas prices.

Extra note on Brave: Just simply using this browser eliminates annoying YouTube video ads when streaming. Great right?


Method #2: Simply use the Presearch search engine for searches (after you sign up of course!). Visit HERE. You accumulate 0.12 PRE per search up to 3 total PRE a day. They have a built in protection algorithm in case you're just senselessly spamming searches. You'll end up harming your opportunity to eventually cash your PRE out if you don't use the search engine naturally.

There are some limitations to how much they'll allow you to withdraw, but it's designed to ensure you're using it organically over a long period of time. Keep with it and you could earn some nice amount of coins. If it turns out their engine won't suffice for your search they have all kinds of other search engines that you can select to process the search.

Extra note on Presearch: You can use this with the Brave browser to "double-dip" on earning crypto. They also have a cool system to 'stake' PRE to reserve Keyword searches so you can promote your own ads on their search engine. This is actually a very inexpensive system to gain advertising for regular folks like you and I.


Method #3: Simply by posting and commenting on the r/cryptocurrency Subreddit. Visit HERE. This may seem silly, but Reddit Admins and the r/cryptocurrency moderators teamed up to create a crypto currency system called 'Moons'. It's tied to the Karma system (aka upvotes/downvotes), so just being a regular poster there will generate you Moons. Currently Moons are worth about $0.08 each, but they're currently on the testnet blockchain, not on the mainnet blockchain. When the Moon's officially move to the mainnet it's possible they'll jump up in value. (Currently selling them takes some hoops to get through, but it's still possible. It'll be much easier when they move to the mainnet and sell them on exchanges). Moons are paid out monthly.

Extra note on r/cryptocurrency: Posts are capped at 1,000 Karma value for Moon distribution, but comments are not capped. You can also earn Karma by rewarding other users with Reddit awards. If you leave your previous month's distribution of Moons in your Reddit 'vault' you earn a 20% bonus on them. If you vote on Moon "governance" aka rules about Moons, you'll get a 5% bump in Moons for that month's distribution.

One More Extra note: I also wrote a sci-fi short story about r/cryptocurrency. If you'd like to read that check it out HERE.


Method #4: Simply commenting, posting, and upvoting on Steemit. Learn more about Steem HERE. To actually use their platform go HERE. This one will actually take some time for you to get acquainted with compared to the rest of the methods, because they actually use 3 cryptocurrencies in tandem and have some beefy security to manage your passwords. I'll eventually write a lengthy post explaining about how to utilize Steemit so please follow me if you're interested in that. 

Basically you earn a regular crypto currency and an upvote clout currency called Steam Power. The more Steam Power you have the more power you have to upvote people's content so that they earn money. The beauty is you get a nice fat bonus of 25% of the amount of money you generated for upvoting their content. This is called curating. You'll already know how to comment and post content to earn money, so I wanted to focus on the cool aspect of upvoting to earn crypto monies. (You also can earn a little bit indirectly from Resteeming similar to retweeting).

Extra note on Steemit: They've already paid out nearly $60,000,000 and they're still a fledgling little company. Definitely worth signing up and checking out, but plan on doing some research to learn their system.

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