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By Ousuwo | The Minds Journal | 5 Jul 2023

In ancient Greece, there was a monetary unit called the obol, which at the same time was a measure of weight equal to about 0.7 grams. In Athens and other polises, obols were silver coins, but in Sparta, obols were used in the form of bulky and impractical iron rods. They were as much heavier than coins as iron was cheaper than silver. This was done so that the Spartans would strive less for wealth, as well as steal less and give bribes.

The famous Edward Teach, nicknamed «Blackbeard», in fact rarely resorted to force. He enjoyed his fearsome reputation, and merchants, seeing his flag, usually surrendered themselves. There is a lot of evidence that Blackbeard kept his word and really always spared those who surrendered to him without a fight. All records indicate that the torture and murder of prisoners on his ships were strictly prohibited.

The peak of the extinct Ecuadorian volcano Chimborazo is the farthest point from the center of the Earth's surface.

By the number of victims [more than 5.4 million according to official statistics] The second Congolese War in the Congo is second only to the Second World War. It lasted from August 2, 1998 to July 18, 2003, more than twenty armed groups representing nine States participated in it.

In the very center of the Sahara, archaeologists have discovered ancient rock carvings, indicating that primitive people once lived in these parts.
One of the main African natural attractions is Victoria Falls. It is the only one in the world that has a width of more than 1 km with a water drop height of more than 100 meters.

The southernmost volcano on Earth, Erebus, is located in Antarctica, and it is constantly erupting.

In total, there are about two million different types of mushrooms growing in the world. At the same time, about 95% of them have not yet been studied, and there are only a few thousand edible species.

The depression between the nose and the upper lip is called the «lip groove». It is a small reminder of the time spent in the womb. It is in this place that the parts of a person's face are connected during the development of his embryo in the second or third month of pregnancy.

After the victory over the Persians, Alexander the Great began to dress like a Persian king, and got two Persian wives. The reason for these changes is simple — he believed that the peoples he conquered would feel more comfortable if their new ruler would adhere to their customs.

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