The Millionaire "Virtual" Real Estate Investor: Can Thinking Like Gary Keller Increase Your Wealth In Upland.Me?

          It's been exactly two months since I began investing in NFT's via UPLAND Metaverse, an NFT property Trading game you can play on your phone, tablet, or laptop. Having a real estate license myself and being one who admires Gary Keller for his economic mind and very accessible way of teaching anyone interested how to build wealth with real estate investing, I wondered if the ideas in his famous book, "The Millionaire Real Estate Investor," co-authored by Dave Jenks and Jay Papasan, were transferable to NFT real estate available to purchase in Upland. This is Part one of SEVEN articles I am producing to find out if the "SEVEN WAYS MILLIONAIRE REAL ESTATE INVESTORS THINK"  can functionally make your net worth in the the game (and out?) increase while providing a richer and more rewarding experience.  Let's Dive into Upland Wealth Building.     

      Gary tells the reader that it is vital to write down and really think on what motivates you. What is our "Big Why?" The Big Why is the first of the seven steps listed, p.78 in the book.


      My big why has to do with reinventing myself. I'm in midlife, staying at home raising my kids while my spouse works as the primary income earner. She's a damn good commercial architect for VDTA in Chicago's River North and I enjoy seeing her get to do things that change the way people live. It is also quite rewarding to spend time with my little kids, to see them grow, actively trying to influence their daily development. I wanted that for my kids and it is a very challenging job! Imagine being the boss of to young employees that almost  never want to do what you need them to do, and very often do the opposite, ignoring the polite requests from the boss to "just do it right now please!" Yet, I still have the drive to produce and make something cool for the world. Could Upland be a space where I could test my entrepreneurial drive for low cost/risk? Could I practice becoming good at investing in real estate so I can begin that phase of my wealth plan with tested experimental outcomes in a growing micro housing economy?  (big breath).  Through Upland, perhaps I can be the business investor I have always known I could be but never had enough  .... fill in the blank excuse .... to get after making it happen at a high level before. Can Upland help me grow my experience in business and my confidence at relatively low financial risk? What about other people? Is this just for investors, gamers, or tech guru's? Who do you want to be?           

     As you know, YouTube is a great source for just about anything, and Upland is no exception. Just search for Upland Metaverse and you will find a bunch of videos published that are extremely helpful with getting up to step on what is actually happening in Upland and what you, as a savvy investor, should do first and then next and next. Some of the players who publish vlogs have said that they have great hopes and expectations for this game to really increase their real net worth over time. Some have said they were earning above $1600 per month in Upland dividends. By learning and developing good strategy and by being engaged, I came to believe that I could do something with this. "Metaventures," or in game businesses have rolled out with plans to expand as the Upland is developed. Is it reasonable to think that custom third-party utility NFT's may be on the horizon? Have I mentioned this is still in Beta?

         But why trade our time and money here instead of somewhere else? After all, Gary Keller says on page 82 that, "when you say yes to one thing, you're clearly saying no to anything that works against it."  People I have spoken with about Upland NFT investing have asked me why I am interested in this game over trading Crypto or investing in real Real Estate. I say those are good ways to invest your money too, so long as you do your research first.  I wanted a low risk, low cost way to learn and make mistakes.  Upland is THE BEST PLAYGROUND for testing out your real estate investing philosophies and trading skills simply because Upland has basically made $1 feel like 1000 dollars by creating their own stable, in game currency, called UPX, tied to the U.S. Dollar.  I minted property in "Detroit" when it launched for under $2.00 and I am now minting, swapping, trading, flopping, tagging, shilling, staking, and building.  I even have a micro loan out through a "Bank" in the game at 4% for 5 weeks. I wanted to get more of "Queens," which just launched nearly two weeks ago.  Can you believe I bought  shares in a bank?! 50 shares. It was $90. It's year one for this bank. What could it grow into? I only own 50 shares. Should I buy more? I wrestle with these questions as I search for the value in this Metaverse. The answers come in due time and due diligence. It seems to me that Gary's concepts about building a "big why" do apply. Thinking about my "Why," many of the concepts I have learned reading Keller's books I try to use in the game to research and flip properties relatively predictably. For example, if you know what the value of a property is you can make good decisions about whether to buy it, hold it, flip it, sell it or develop it.  Playing Upland for 60 days, I can say I have learned some things about the game and about real estate, but most significantly, i've learned a little bit more about myself.

         To begin to achieve my "Big Why," I stopped playing any game that couldn't, didn't or wouldn't pay me to play it. I stopped playing them completely. They were little distractions in my day that ate away the minutes I could use more productively. As suggested in the book, I have taken stock of some of my goals and written some new ones down. For my real life, I know this may seem extreme or overly hopeful; I think it is possible for this game to grow into a space so large and vibrant that people can come build the dream that they had when they were younger and retire before the age of 50 while playing a game. Other people, such as vloggers "Radishhead" and "LoylDoyl" respectively and in their own way, have made it known that they are bullish on Upland, turning it into a profession for themselves of a sort, essentially mastering the fine art of becoming some of the first Obi-Wan figure's in Upland. I am not certain if Radishhead has been as open about his investment amounts into the game, but LoylDoyl claims to have invested a lot of real money into the game, check out his video about it and think on how much money you should consider transferring. have discovered some new things about myself, as I have worked to understand how to be profitable in Upland. Another person, whose in game name is KTwice, has clearly treated this game like an investment opportunity rather than a game to maybe make a few bucks with. Check out his story on why he's still investing further even though he had a rough start with some in game scam artists early in his start. 

         As I have been playing and interacting with others, I have another "why" that has come naturally to me; the desire to help others. What happened to Ktwice and others shouldn't happen again, and the community with the development is working together to ensure this metaverse is  I naturally enjoy helping others know more or understand something they didn't yet know about themselves. I like to share interesting bits of information that will help someone. It pleases me to connect to parties together that needed one another to really work.  This space has been a bit like the Wild West in some ways. Seizing the opportunity to grow in my understanding of Upland, NfT's, Trading, Real Estate Investing, I now share what I have learned in the servers I am a part of on Discord. It's fun for me to help people get better at something they genuinely try. Essentially whatever I know and learn that I can teach and is of some value, I hope I can make useful in the Upland space for the good of the community.

          One of the greatest things so far about Upland that I really love, is that a great deal of people in the community try to help new players learn how to get their investor legs under them as quick as they can without babying anyone too much or being controlling. The space has a reverence for creative ideas and collaboration. You can find a lot of players interacting on Discord, Telegram, and Twitter. I met a person interested in some of the same things and we started Upland Observer on Discord as a way to help new players connect with more seasoned players in order to gain some mentorship right away and get plugged in to the useful spaces tied to Upland. Check us out if you used my link to join upland or if you are already in Upland now, we are currently running a giveaway contest for the top three people who invite people to our server, which ends next week (good luck). 

           Finally, A "Big Why" is necessary for the ability to stay focused long enough on the goal to actually achieve it. I hope people will continue to research Upland and take the low risk dive into NFT property trading. If not just to discover a little bit about yourself, then join me to perhaps build a business that could scale in the next 5 years to reach millions of users around the world. I am glad I am investing in a community like that while I build an NFT' investment portfolio.                                                                                                                                                                  (This was part 1 of 7) 




          Please, make sure you use a referral link to register for Upland. See mine below. If you use this link, Upland will award you with a 50% more bonus on your first purchase of up to $100. I recommend starting at $50 so you can buy some Fair Start Act Property (FSA).  These are lower cost (not lower value) and can be  pretty easy to turn over for double or more the mint price of NFT. Do your own research. Feel free to reach out to me if you want to get started and have questions. I am here to help.  



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I’m a father and husband living and working as a stay home parent and real estate research consultant.

The Millionaire Virtual Real Estate Investor
The Millionaire Virtual Real Estate Investor

This is blog series devoted to discovering if Gary Keller's principles for becoming a Millionaire Real Estate Investor can cross over into the Metaverse space in Upland and help NFT property trader's generate more wealth in Upland and the real world.

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