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By BordBorg | THE METAVERSE | 23 Nov 2021

The building of the Metaverse has begun!

Like The rise of Cryptocurrencies and NFTs,
a virtual world, The Metaverse is on the rise.

With the hopes that it will be what
has envisioned the virtual future to be....
UFO Gaming has a vision:

A gamified ecosystem of cosmic gaming, virtual space, as well an open
tradeable marketplace of the universe’s most sought after artifacts (ERC-721).


first off, It is a decentralized social gaming platform built on the Ethereum blockchain. The team behind UFO Gaming are currently in the process of developing their own debut game, and have already proven to be serious players in the market with their intricate, metaverse ecosystem and wide range of supporting DeFi applications.


UFO has the potential to go beyond the expectations of what the Metaverse will become.





The Whitepaper tells a good and promising vision of what it could be for NFTs and the up and coming Metaverse.

UFO was established with the ability to
utilize the power of the blockchain and decentralization in order to infinitely
expand upon a new financial paradigm.

UFO has aimed to
accomplish while providing otherworldly utility and ecosystem beyond this


Virtual Land!

Many have joined Upland in the pursuit to gain and have already started accumulating some soon-to-be Metaverse Virtual lands mirrored as real land in the US.

And in time, I'm sure Upland will be a good part melding the real world into the Metaverse.

And UFOGaming, has a more desirable twist for the imaginative Space Focused folks of the 3rd Rock,

It will be Off-World. New exciting places to see.


has not launched yet, by is projected to at the the end of 2021 
So if this is an interest, grab your UFOs now.


Will allow players to earn money while playing Super Galactic.
Super Galactic is an RPG/arcade action/ARG game that lets you battle and
breed digital super soldiers in UFO's first revealed fourth dimension realm. This
is also the introduction to The Dark Metaverse's own finite in-game assets
It's a combination of an auto battler decentralized game, NFT collection, built
on Ethereum network and integrated with a scalable full-stack solution.
Players get access to almost zero gas fees for the minting and can exchange
for assets and sub-second transaction time with all user-maintained custody.
Each UFOeps is a playable NFT endowed with a uniquely generated power
force known as Spirit Force. These NFTs are destined warriors who have landed
in a scavenged world endowed with an alien race that destroys the world's
peace and tranquility, The Dark Metaverse realm.

To play Super Galactic, you need a playable character. These are the NFTs
called UFOeps.

Players can get an Origin class UFOep from the Cosmos event in the early days,
but the rate of minting an origin class falls dramatically with time. To mint
these, you need Plasma Points (Stake $UFO, earn Plasma Points).
Users interested in supporting the cause of UFOep can later acquire the UFOep
on the open market and earn UAP tokens by completing daily mission.

 Visual Representation of the Genesis UFOep NFTs

more info on medium



The UFOToken 
 Crypto.com & CoinGecko 

UFOToken exchanges:






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