How to increase your Pi mining rate

By Pyratellama | THe_LoOny_LLamA | 9 Mar 2020

You downloaded the app and installed it on your phone, what next? 

(If you haven't downloaded the app and started mining yet here's an invite link


First register and verify your phone. Once that is done you are mining. Open the app and you will see this screen. The numbers will obviously be different because you are not me. Check to make sure you are mining by by looking at the numbers at the top of the app. If they are slowly increasing then you are mining. This number is how many Pi you have mined and own. The lighting bolt in the circle on the right of the screen will also be green. If you are not mining there will be a big circle around this and a message saying tap this to start mining. I would recommend you allow the Pi app to send you notifications, this way when you stop mining (which happens every 24 hours) you will get a notification saying you need to start mining again. To do that open the app and press the lightning bolt circle.

How do I increase my hourly mining rate?

That number under the lightning bolt is how many pi tokens per hour you are mining. There are a couple ways to increase it. One way is to invite people to mine, and the other is to add to your security circle. We will cover inviting people to mine first. Go to the main page of the app as seen above. Press the button above the lightning bolt that looks like 2 peoples head and shoulders. That will open this screen:


This is your current earning team. This will include everyone you have invited to mine and is mining. To the right of their name you will see the pi logo, if it is green that means they are currently mining, if they aren't then you won't see a logo. If you want to nudge them to mine you can tap on the ping inactive and it will send them a notification. We want to add new members to increase our rate so we're going to hit the invite button on the lower left corner. That will bring up the following screen:


Here we can see our contact list in our phone. You can select one of the names from your contacts by pressing it and then send them a text, or you can click the button on the bottom that says "Use Other Channels" to bring up some more options. That's what we're going to do, so go ahead and click it. It will then open up this screen:


Again there are multiple ways we can use this to ask people to join. We're going to hit the copy button at the bottom of the page. This copies a brief sales pitch and the passcode that people need to use to sign up. As long as they use your passcode to sign up and verify their phone number then your hourly mining rate will increase. You can paste this message/link/passcode anywhere like facebook, an email, a text message, or write it on a bathroom wall at a truckers stop. Yeah, maybe not that last one.

If you just started out and you've only mined for one day or less you can stop here. However after mining for 3 - 24 hour periods you can now add to your security team.

How do I add to my security team?

You need to add 5 people to your security team and your mining rate will increase by .20 per hour. To do this go to the main screen (refer to the first pic in this post) and press the shield icon near to the top right of the screen. This will open the following screen:


The way I added people to my security team was by hitting the button that says "Add From Contacts". To do this I entered people that were already mining Pi to my phones contact list - with their name and phone number. Then I selected them from my contacts after I pressed "Add From Contacts". When I started mining Pi I didn't personally know anyone that was mining Pi, so I found a facebook group about this project and found a thread there where people post their contact info so you can add them to your contact list and security team. I would recommend joining both groups and searching for the security team thread. You could also just post that you need security members and people will respond. Here are the FB groups to join: Pi Network Community, and the other is called Pi Network. 

Thats it, you're now (hopefully) mining more Pi per hour!


There's some other interesting things in the app you can checkout like the message board area and other info about Pi in general. I'll do another article about those in the future. But until then have fun mining!

Thanks for reading, and let me know what you think in the comments section.


To Join the P network click this link and download the app to your phone -

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