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Coronavirus self-isolation - Day 29

By Heruvim78 | The longevity gene | 18 Apr 2020

Today is starting Easter in the orthodox calendar, so Happy Easter for anyone celebrating it today. I am going into some routine, but i start to feel different. I do not know why, i will try to solve this riddle. Did the same things, guitar, Spanish, a bit of computer games, celebrating by ordering a pizza for the weekend. I will focus next week on finishing the Diabetes course. Then i am thinking to start to learn computer science and algorithms. And after that some Java and python. just for fun. Smalltalk seems a  bit boring at the moment. And i really need to consider my approach towards sugar in my diet. First, i need a glucose meter to measure it for few days in a row. Then i decide what i need to do. Last experiment was not too encouraging. I also need a calendar. I know, it is a bit late this year, but i need a wall calendar. 

Let's see what is the state of the nation now. 

Coronavirus stats. 

Now, on the serious side, we have 2,325,335 cases globally, with 755,967 closed cases (out of which 160,448 (21%) deaths). In UK we got 114217 cases and 15464 deaths. In my town there are 282 confirmed cases.

And i find quite desperate this measure, the appeal at the medical staff to continue work if possible even if the PPE (personal protective equipment) is finishing. They want to save other people's lives, not  to lose theirs. WHO just said that they cannot guarantee that one person who got the illness will have immunity, as second time infections tend to appear now and then. Just think about this, who will take care of the carers?

And there is also the problem of the viral load exposure. If you are exposed to one person, your immune system may take care of this minimal infection, but if you are exposed to multiple sources, the viral load can overwhelm your immune system and even suppress it. So you will get gravely ill. (Your viral load is simply how much virus you have in your body – in medical terms it refers to how much virus is measured in a standard volume of fluid, usually blood or plasma. It was commonly used when talking about HIV – patients whose conditions are being well managed and are on the correct medication have an undetectable viral load, meaning that they cannot pass the disease onto others.)

New and new questions raised and not enough answers. What we gonna do will define humanity as a whole. Meanwhile, The UK health system is very close to reach its limit, probably by the end of the next week. Then the real trouble starts, as what we've seen until now was just the warm-up. 


Stay safe and see you soon!



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The longevity gene
The longevity gene

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