Is YouTube Suppressing LBRY Credits?

By VDawg | The Lion's Den | 16 Apr 2021

 When I am on YouTube they tend to advertise cryptocurrency sites wishing to become the next coinbase. With LBRY Credits being taken down from Bittrex the only remaining US exchange for LBRY Credits it does raise questions. 

 Is YouTube not wanting LBRY Credits to be purchased on cryptocurrency for them to be advertised as a condition? If so will larger creators on LBRY speak out? Sargon, Tim Pool, Styxhexenhammer666, Salty Cracker, and The Quartering just silently let YouTube cuck LBRY and LBRY Credits making themselves be cuckolds to YouTube's mafia style business model? If so the smaller creators on LBRY need to say something. 

 I say if a user base in the US is earning income via LBRY Credits we should all say something and be proactive. Not doing so will lead to cryptocurrency sites in the US holding American content creators back. We put in a lot of hours to monetize video content and we should have avenues to do so.










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