Publish0x- A place to earn crypto for Reading and Publishing[Review]

Publish0x- A place to earn crypto for Reading and Publishing[Review]

By captainphilips | The Lion Strategy | 28 Mar 2019


Publishing as we all know which Is the passing of information to the general public and it could involve music, literature and any kind of information. It was first invented in the 6th century in China in the form of block printing is one of the oldest art, mainstream media gained prominence first from newspaper publications before advancing into radio and television broadcasting.

In the present day, different kind of publication had been invented, reading or audio or even televised could be seen and heard everywhere thanks to the technology Called the internet. It gets better each day as technology never stops advancing, now we have the Blockchain Technology, where individuals can now publish at will (at their convenient) without been censored. Not just publishing, reading and watching other publications could now earn users rewards in Crypto.

What is Publish0x?

Publish0x is another social media blogging Dapp built on the Ethereum Blockchain where users (authors) earn rewards for their efforts put into writing articles and creating videos while readers and others who watch those quality publications in the form of videos and articles earn Cryptocurrency for doing so.

The Token (rewards) earned is known as BNTY tokens and it's an ERC-20 based token which could be redeemed with any ERC-20 Ethereum wallet, that is; no exchange wallet is usable to claim all accumulated rewards once an individual has enough to redeem.

Rewards comes in the form of tipping, users in the community tips each other based on the quality of their publications and all tips comes from a reward pool which is free. The worth of tips s determined by the amount of tokens held by a user.

Presently on State of the Dapp, Publish0x is ranked 288 and falls under the media category of Dapps as well as social because it is a crypto social platform where Crypto could be earned and transferred. It is yet to gain prominence like it's counterparts.

Not many Dapp review existed yet for this platform created by Dan Bainbridge in 2018, you can check his LinkedIn Profile here he also happens to be the founder of BigBird.VC.

How to Get Started?

To use any Ethereum Dapp on the web needs a browser add-on, hence I am recommending metamask.

Publish0x unlike some other Blockchain based Dapps could be created in a matter of minutes using a conventional login details and not a string of irreplaceable keys. After an account has been approved, the user need to bind (connect) it with an ERC-20 Ether wallet to be able to withdraw the BNTY tokens. Furthermore, new users could also login with their Twitter and Facebook account, this make it so easy to signup/login.

After login in successfully,before a user begins publishing, the individual need to apply to be an author and then get approval. This application might take 24hr or less before been approved, a user must have provided proves and links to being an established author before being considered. One of the reason for this step is to curb plagiarism and spamming which is a common occurrence on most incentives Dapps.

Aside from tipping and getting tipped, another way to earn from the platform is by becoming a Publish0x Ambassador, with this each ambassador invites people to the platform with their unique link and earn 5% on every tip earned by their invitees, in essence; it works like a sort of referral benefit.


One of the fantastic feature is that there is a mechanism put in place to become approved publisher, with this, the credibility of an author is screened before been granted the role to blog hence plagiarism and spamming is discouraged. Also easy to use, from the Dashboard all features of a user's page could be accessed without hassle. Furthermore, all tipping (rewards) are free and comes from a rewardpool where everyone decides the worth of each tip on any publication.

One little bad thing is that, a group of friends could game the system by constantly tipping each other and ignoring the best publications that needs rewarding. So also, users could pretend to read every article so as to get rewarded by doing nothing instead of reading or watching published contents. These are the few loopholes that needs looking into alongside having to own an ERC-20 Ether wallet binder to a user's account, which doe not make it free-for-all, not everyone owns an ERC-20 wallet.


From my findings and usage of the Dapp, it is a good project and I say kudos to Dan Bainbridge for creating such an amazing easy to use platform. For the few flaws I discovered, i suggest that the team allocate token tipping powers so that the reward pool would not be constantly gamed by just few set of people, with this I would like to rate Publish0x a 3/5.



Please Note- This publication is for review purposes only and not a financial or investment advice, I strongly recommend that you contact your broker for investment advise in this project.

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