How to earn even more with the Kuailian Plan

How to earn even more with the Kuailian Plan

By Clawrence | The Kuailian Ecosystem | 15 May 2020

If you are reading this post is because you are already investing in Kuailian and you want to boost your income or because you are thinking about investing there and you are looking for the best strategy. If that's not the case or you don't know what am I writing about, you may want to read my previous posts:


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Now I figure out that you already know that Kuailian is a platform to invest in blockchain masternodes with a monthly ROI of 4% to 17% depending on the month and the risk of your licenses. Actually, it can be more if you use the principles of compound interest to invest in it.

What I'm going to explain in this post is how to boost your earnings in Kuailian using the Kuailian Plan, an affiliation program that focuses on building learning chains inside its community.

Kuailian doesn't advertise anywhere so its marketing is based on this affiliation chain where happy users refer new users. But it doesn't end here. This experienced users, in order to refer new investors have to commit themselves to help them in their first steps across the platform. This way, Kuailian can expand as well as have users with knowledge about the platform.


Shouldn't this be a win-win?

Of course it is a win-win situation. Kuailian rewards this experienced users who are helping new investors with a very interesting bonuses plan divided in two parts.


Fast Bonus

The fast bonus, as it's said in it's name is easy and fast. If you refer a friend you will get a commission. If your friend refers a friend, you also get a commission. If your friend's friend refer another friend... Well, you can imagine: COMMISSION! This goes up to 10 levels. Of course any level down, the commission is smaller. You can see what is the percentage of your referral's investment that you will earn in the following images. 

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As you can see, you will earn a 10% commission for every friend. So if you invite 5 friends and they invest $1000, You will earn 500$. But if they invite 5 friends each and each one of them invests $1000, you will also earn the 3% of that amount: $750. And so on for every level...


Residual Bonus

In addition to that fast bonus that you will earn just when your friends purchase their license, you will also earn a small percentage of their daily payment. This is called the residual bonus. You can see the percentages in the following table:


The first column is the distance to your referral, the second is the percentage over the hole Kuailian Smart Pool (which you really don't need to worry about right now) and the third column is the percentage over your friend's daily payment.

Although, in order to earn the residual bonus, you will have to unlock different ranks by accomplishing certain conditions.


A Kuai is an investment of $100. So this means that if you invested $200, you can earn the residual bonus only from your first grade referrals.

To be in the ADVISOR rank you need to invest $500 and your referrals from any level have to invest $1000. This way you will be able to earn the residual bonus from your 1st to 4th grade referrals.

To qualify for MANAGER you need do invest $700, your referrals from any level $2500 and your first level referrals $100. Etc.


Club Elite

If you end up with a good network, you can qualify for the Club Elite in which you will have even more rewards.


Remember that the first column represents your investment in multiples of $100, the second columns is the investment of all your referral network and the third column shows your first level referrals' investment. As you can see, in this club you can earn prizes as well.


Club Ambassador

Qualifying for this last rank, is difficult, but not impossible. Those who can create a really powerful network can earn, not only this watch and the leadership trip, but also a percentage straight from the main pool.



Join the community

As you can see, Kuailian is, not only a great place to invest but also, an amazing way to earn some extra bonuses through an affiliate network. If you would like to join this opportunity and start building your own network with me, you can do it through this link:

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The Kuailian Ecosystem
The Kuailian Ecosystem

Across several posts, we are going to learn about The Kuailian Ecosystem and it's main aspects. We will discover what is this platform, what options does it offer and, mainly, how to generate an increasing passive income.

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