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Bitcoin Breakout Confirmed

You will now be chasing price... Blast OFF BITTY

Hey Everyone,

The Bitcoin train has left the building and just has to slice and dice 2 overhead resistance lines which should be nothing for Big Bitty.

For those of you who have followed me you knew when the bottom was in... or at least suspected it.   Nobody else to my knowledge gave the evidence and made the call...

Anyways I also feel a little ecstatic when I nail a call with Elliot waves when others tell me such things do not exist.  Hence why everyone needs to trust themselves and their own knowledge base... But also question yourself if your clearly wrong and your ideals never work.   That is how I came upon Elliot waves 9 years ago and have been hooked ever since.

Elliot waves are a measurement of social mood, shown here with articles saying 20k bitcoin

Elliot waves are a way to put the price into context.   This is why I'm thinking 100k bitcoin by spring.   I'm sure I'll be challenged on that notion.  However, that is where I see us going, and will provide an update next week to see a potential path.  

Bitcoin Breakout confirmed

For those of you who would like to learn what I know, simply go grab this big ass 800pg book "The Socioeconomic Theory of Finance" by Robert Prechter the granddaddy of Elliot waves.  When you are done about half of the book you will understand what I am communicating... When you finish the whole book and practice wave counts... You will be able to do what I do.  You can grab it on amazon... but instead of support those jerks trying to buy it from 

Anyhoo that's enough about bitcoin today... My next article will be on FARM.   As I figured out how to stake and earn 85%Apy... I'm now interested in finding out how to get 400-500% apy with other token pairs... Gas is very high atm and forces me to wait because I don't like pissing Eth away on a transaction.   

Stay Tuned for more DEFI talk in the coming posts as well as my usual TA I love sharing with all of you.

To Decentralized Freedom!!!!

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The Infinite Banker

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