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Bitcoin Intermediate Wave Count


Hey Everyone,

Today has been a very great day thus far... We will see if that bear counts hold...

With Eth breaking ATH and BTC looking like it will follow to continue SMASHING records.  Wallstreet greed is here and it will be one for the record books.   

Below we have a Daily BTC chart with support and resistance lines.  The wave count is Intermediate Degree... The bottom in March was 2nd wave Primary degree...  

When I say we will top in December 2021 BTC and Alts early 2022 it is based on the Primary degree which started in December 2018...

I'll talk about that in another post someday...

Anyways below you see we have what I believe a very close-to-completed fourth wave Intermediate Flat correction, which is labeled.   Why 27 days?

Because this was the time signature given in wave 2 Triangle correction.  So it's interesting to see the price action that has happened lately when once understands the social mood and Elliot waves... They may not be perfect but at least we can put moves into context and chart possible paths which price will confirm for us at certain levels like we are seeing now in BTC.


Bitcoin Waves Intermediate degree 

It is challenging the upper orange line charted and in the red circle

Once it breaks this level it's just a couple of horizontal resistance lines which are usually butter when descending resistance is broken and later used as support which we see with the other orange line below.

We see the Minor Waves that are possibly in play and if this doesn't confirm then I'm afraid it'll be the alt bear count, and I missed something I guess.


Bitcoin Breakout?

The evidence is Suggesting BTC bull run continuing till June/July until resting for the Fourth Wave of Primary Degree... We are still in a 3rd wave primary until the 5th wave intermediate completes at that timeframe...

We have been in third-wave primary degree since March 2020...

BTC buy up to 40Kusd

Tomorrow I think I'll show my under-the-radar pick for everyone...

To Decentralized Freedom!!!

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