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The Next Big “Don’t Miss Out” Opportunity For Entrepreneurs

Some takeaways:

  • The parallel economy is the most exciting opportunity for entrepreneurs since HTML and the dot-com boom.
  • Americans need to be shift from pessimism to optimism.
  • A flourishing society is one where this process is free, nurtured, and encouraged. Thankfully, free-market pioneers are emerging from the woke ruble to create brand new venture as part of the parallel economy.
  • Platforms like Gab have reinstated the free market system we once had, by not bounding company profits to the constantly changing rules that get trickled down from political correctness and centralized controllers.
  • Blockchain technology has also played a massive role in how these new platforms are designed and monetized by integrating decentralization and community-powered voting systems to create a better moderation system for content.
  • People are fed up with the way things are being run on mainstream platforms. Just like how they are tired of progressive ideas flooding every product and service from the razors we use to the shoes we buy.
  • The time in build in the parallel economy is NOW. Don’t miss out!

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