Their “utopia” is NOT more important than culture

#BidenIsALaughingStock is trending on Twitter.

His State of the Union address was a total 180 to how Americans feel about the country. With Ben Shapiro’s response being far more relatable.

But remember, the SOTU doesn’t really matter.

It’s all theater.

What matters is culture, and what Americans do.

  • Are we building and solving problems?
  • Are we promoting Biblical principles?
  • Are we creating a better future for the next generation?




Collectively we’ve morphed into whinny wimps that value pleasure and status over God, family, and community.

And it shows.

Instead of defending + praising our declining civilization, our leaders should be calling it out for what it is. Then propose solutions.

Unfortunently, they gaslight, point fingers, and talk about off-topic issues the average American couldn’t care less about (like transing the kids).

So while we struggle to fill up our gas tanks.

And become “preppers” thanks to inflation.

Our leaders say America is “all good. Nothing to see here…”

Again. Theater.

Of course, waiting for the 2022 + 2024 elections will NOT solve these problems.

But changing American hearts one at a time will.

We are already seeing a shift in the culture thanks to alternative:

  • News (OANN, Newsmax)
  • Media (The Daily Wire)
  • Social Media (Gab, Minds)
  • And many others!

So how will you and your family contribute to this movement?

And what are some areas in your life that need to be called out?

(Bad habits, improper living, misuse of potential, etc.)

The first step to getting involved is to attack those problems + distractions directly. Don’t be like our wimpy leaders. Be proactive!

Ask yourself DAILY: How can I play a part in America’s cultural shift?


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