Parents beware: TikTok, Pedos, “Bleeders” (The Rundown 3/18)

NYT confirms Hunter Biden Laptop real — This is such a frustrating story, because no one is surprised. Remember when this was scrubbed from the face of the internet by big tech because it was considered disinformation? Even worse, 17% of Americans admitted they would have abandoned Biden if they knew about this cover-up. This will surely be a major talking point come 2024.

The WH uses TikTok stars to control Ukraine / Russia narrative — Everybody had a field day with this story on social media, but I thought the tactic was genius. Why? Because the next generation gets their news from social media! Regardless, it appears that even kids are seeing through the WH lies.

Parents beware: Our institutions are flooded with perverts — Why is our society so devoted to teaching sexual topics to minors? There is new craziness daily, but most recently, Doernbecher Children’s Hospital introduced ‘tucking’ for young trans boys. And chest binding for trans girls. We have Disney employees staging walkouts because places like Florida are anti-grooming. Not to mention more enhanced lunacy from teachers like this and this. Pay attention, parents.

Nearly majority of states have constitutional carry — Some good news: More and more states are exercising American God-given rights to carry a firearm without a government issued permit. Ohio was the latest. It’s crazy to me how far we’ve gotten from 2A in this country, overcomplicating “shall not be infringed” in every way possible. Learn more about this movement here.

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