Gab pioneers ‘parralel economy fund’ to back tech startups opposed to Silicon Valley wokeism


Gab’s CEO, Andrew Torba, has been very clear:

“We are not building an alternative to Facebook. We are building an alternative to Silicon Valley!”

Following through on this mission, Gab just announced it will be funding and backing startups opposed to Silicon Valley leftism.

Furthering its efforts to create a parallel economy that offers people an opportunity to engage with companies that share their same values and beliefs.

In a recent blog post, Gab announced the following areas of interest for its upcoming “parallel economy fund.” They are searching for companies that are focused on:

  1. Making Bitcoin more user friendly and privacy focused
  2. Censorship resistant shipping and logistics
  3. 3D Printed 2nd Amendment protection
  4. Decentralized Christian healthcare options
  5. Software for homeschooling parents
  6. Distributed pasture grazed meat distribution and butchering
  7. Christian Entertainment/Content
  8. Alternative forms of off grid communication.
  9. Technology for Churches and planting Churches
  10. Christian AirBnb

Gab will invest 25–50k in startup capital, Gab Ads credit, Gab Cloud services for free speech hosting services, and access to the Gab community of entrepreneurs for mentorship and help with scaling and distribution.

We know that there are many builders and pioneers right here in the Gab community. We want to give them access to the capital, distribution, free speech infrastructure, and mentorship they need to be successful.

This announcement is important for the parallel economy movement for 3 reasons:

1. It will solve critical problems faster

Right now, entrepreneurs who have their sites set on contributing towards the parallel economy face an enormous uphill battle when seeking to lock in funding from big tech, Silicon Valley, and other woke leaning institutions with different priorities.

Gab has already proved there is a market for alt-tech and Christian based businesses, but those organizations face massive difficulties when trying to scale because of fears of censorship.

The parallel economy fund is one way around those obstacles.

2. It will encourage entrepreneurs to build

Woke institutions currently dominate where all the action and potential is for up-and-coming entrepreneurs.

For example, California is the hub for film making and popular media, because Hollywood has the greatest monopoly on where people interested in those industries must go to for opportunity.

Over the years, the Daily Wire has migrated its infrastructure to Nashville, creating new-found infrastructure for those with different values and beliefs to build their careers.

Because opportunities like the Daily Wire, and now Gab exist. Entrepreneurs can feel more confident when making their leap.

Thus opening more doors for strong talent and founders with potential to build in like-minded ecosystems.

3. It will highlight Gab-backed companies for consumers to engage with

Consumers have difficulties finding companies they align with and want to support because of big tech’s incredibly massive influence over the country and its culture.

Big tech platforms like Google and Facebook are currently embedded within every corner of our society, but now Gab is creating a clearly outlined list of backed and funded companies for consumers to put their money towards.

Torba had this to say to Breitbart News:

Our objective with is to turn early stage startup investing on its head. Incredibly talented entrepreneurs want to build solutions in the Parallel Economy alongside Gab and we can help them do it. We are going to provide them with startup capital, distribution, free speech hosting infrastructure on the Gab Cloud, advertising credit on the Gab Ad network, and the mentorship and community of the tens of millions of people who use Gab every month. With the distribution and infrastructure of Gab we can launch and scale startup businesses to tens of millions of people who share their values instantly. We’re building a network of builders who are tired of the woke economy and want to usher in new alternatives that are owned and operated by people who share their values.

Big moves are being made towards the parallel economy that are both exciting and legitimate.

It feels like the new frontier of Christian entrepreneurship, which is creating all the right incentives for those who want to get involved. Providing them with confidence, support, and more security than ever before.

“If you don’t like Twitter, just build your own!” they said.

Funny enough, we already did just that, and are now moving towards building our own economy all-together.

  • Art
  • News
  • Music
  • Movies
  • Social Media
  • Video Games
  • Infrastructure

The list goes on and on and on. This is just beginning.

Gab will be sharing more about the parallel economy fund in the coming weeks and months, providing new information and opening up applications in interested candidates soon.

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